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Sunday, May 20, 2007


Top 40 May & April 2007


Photo of our #40 disc, the recalled SHIRELLES


Spidey sensed: 'Spider-Man 3’ snares North Shore audiences
By Joe Viglione GateHouse News Service
Fri May 11, 2007, 01:00 PM EDT


Alien vs. Predator, Suspect Zero film reviews and more...

1)Brian Wilson Tribute / Musicares

2)John Batdorf Biography|BATDORF&sql=11:dcfuxqe5ldfe~T1

3)England Dan/John Ford Coley Dr Jekyll & Mr Jive

4)Shirley Bassey AND I LOVE YOU SO with Bonus Tracks

Bonus Track edition

6)Kathy Kirby Hits, Rarities and Lipgloss!

7)The Final Countdown 20th Anniversary Edition


8)Mark Newman MUST BE A PONY

9)The Best Of Walter Hawkins and Family

10)Live Montreux July 1989 [DVD]
Maggie Bell & Midnight Flyer

11)Duncan McTier LIVE IN VIENNA

12)Northey Valenzuela "Northey Valenzuela"

13)CODE RED "All Aboard" with Brother Louie

14)War Live

15) Mary Wells "Greatest Hits" DVD

16)Duke Ellington
Early Tracks from the Master of Swing [DVD]
Release Date: August 08, 2006


17)Nina Simone Jazz as Played in an Exclusive Side Street Club [Charly UK]

Jazz as Played in an Exclusive Side Street Club [Charly UK]

18)Count Basie The Swing Era

19)NRBQ DerbyTown Live 1982

20)NRBQ One In A Million

21)Blues Caravan New Generation

22)Sandy Denny Under Review

23)Bizzy Bone Live In Concert

24)Bobby Hebb's SUNNY re-release on Window's Media

25)Ben Sidran Live Palias des Festivals Hall Cannes 1989 DVD

26)Green Day Under Review 1995-2000

27)The Benny Hill Collection DVD

28)Fairport Convention 35th Anniversary

29)Green On Red: Valley Fever - Live At Rialto

30)Rolling Stones Under Review 1962-1966

31)Chris Pureka Dryland

32)Kate Bush Under Review,,3595230,00.html

33)John Entwistle Thunderfingers

34)Nirvana In Utero Under Review


35)The Legendary Christine Perfect Album

36)Diamond Head To The Devil His Due

37)Bobby Hebb Biography

Sunny lp on HMV.Com

38)Mark Newman Biography

39)The Hudson Brothers Biography which quotes Joe Viglione



JOE VIG TOP 40 for APRIL 2007

1)Braddigan Watchfires

My review of WATCHFIRES

is also on

Windows Media Guide

and Pandora Internet Radio




2)Gerry Goffin

3)loudQUIETloud: A Film About The Pixies

4)Barre Phillips LIVE IN VIENNA

5)FANNY CHARITY BALL review by Joe Viglione

6)FANNY HILL review by Joe Viglione

7)Nowhere Is Brighter Garrin Benfield

8)Garrin Benfield Living A Dream

9)Jallen Rix TIME ON A CHAIN




13)Bittersweet: The Very Best of Nina Simone

14)John "J" Geils Biography on AOL Music

15)the Savage Rose review

16)Plasmatics Metal Priestess

Pro Reviews

From AMG Reviews

This six-song EP is even shorter when any Plasmatics fan realizes that the four new songs recorded by Svengali manager Rod Swenson and producer/engineer Dan Hartman are augmented by live versions of two songs from the previous 1981 release, Beyond the Valley of 1984. Guitarists Richie Stotts and Wes Beech set a solid, crunchy tone behind Wendy O with two new drummers: Tony Petri on the two live tracks, "Masterplan" and "Sex Junkie," and Joey Reese on the studio material. Keep in mind that's four drummers in the two-year span between Stu Deutsch on New Hope for the Wretched and Alice Cooper drummer Neal Smith on the studio material on Beyond the Valley of 1984 (that 1981 album's two tracks recorded live in Milan don't identify if the drummer is one of the four -- and if you add the drummer from the Capitol Records debut in 1982, the Coup D'Etat album, it brings that total to five). Chris "Junior" Romanelli replaces Jean Beauvoir, whose image and musicianship was pretty irreplaceable. Still, Dan Hartman does a great job of capturing a solid hard rock sound and Wendy O is truly significant as a more-than-competent metal vocalist. It's a transition from the previous attempts at punk and smart reinvention. Beauvoir would come back five years later with his excellent solo project, Drums Along the Mohawk, followed two years later by Jacknifed. His presence and musicianship could have added to these four studio sides, though they hold up well on their own. There's not much difference between Wendy O's snarling on the doomsday song "12 Noon" or "Doom Song," which is yet another doomsday song, this one with Richie Stotts' brilliant, slashing guitar lines. The metal arena gives Stotts a chance to shine, and he is an underrated talent, as was Wendy O. The combined energies of these individuals always took a back seat to Swenson's imagery and public relations. The material by Stotts and Beech is fun and fits the bill, though a separate live album would have been preferable to the cutting and pasting. Still, Metal Priestess holds up and is a worthwhile addition to the small but influential Plasmatics output. It was later combined on CD with its sister release from 1981, Beyond the Valley of 1984.

- Joe Viglione, All Music Guide

17)The Plasmatics Beyond The Valley Of 1984

Pro Reviews
EXPERT RATING: - 3.5 stars

From AMG Reviews

This time Rod Swenson, Svengali behind the Plasmatics, takes over the production, allowing at least more of a focus. Jimmy Miller he's not, but rather than get in the major producer's way, which is what Swenson did on 1980's New Hope for the Wretched, he at least has the opportunity to expand the sounds on this 1981 disc by letting his ideas flow unobstructed by professional help. Opening with a dark prayer called "Incantation," which slams into "Masterplan, this, indeed, was a band tailor-made for DVD. The album cover looks like Mad Max meets Terminator 2 in the desert, Wendy Orleans Williams needing the chance to be the Marilyn Manson of her day rather than Swenson's puppet. "Masterplan still has the thin drum sound from the first record, only this time Stu Deutsch has been replaced with original Alice Cooper drummer Neal Smith. It is pure punk, a live version showing up this same year on the Metal Priestess EP, but not as cohesive as this version. On "Headbanger," Wendy O communicates more comfortably, and the band's keyboard and guitar phasing makes it one of the most produced, and best, tracks on the record; Richie Stotts' guitar solos are amazing here. The band really had merit, the upside was that Rod Swenson knew how to promote, the downside was that his involvement comes off like the record version of an Ed Wood flick. Recruiting the Angels of "My Boyfriend's Back" fame for backing vocals on "Summer Nite," and giving Wendy O'Williams a tender moment was a great idea; too bad Jimmy Miller didn't have this material to work with. Neal Smith's drums get the sound they deserve, and the tune comes off like a new wave answer to "Leader of the Pack." Good chorus, and it should have been a huge MTV hit; Fee Waybill would've been a perfect foil for the tune. "Sex Junkie" has Wendy O sounding like a female Alice Cooper, that personality missing from New Hope for the Wretched gets a chance to at least emulate the man who pioneered this genre. As with New Hope for the Wretched, the abilities of Richie Stotts and Jean Beauvoir were totally underutilized, and maybe Bob Ezrin and the entire original Alice Cooper group is what this act needed. Why did they just go for a little name recognition with Cooper's drummer when they could have simply hired his former band? "Sex Junkie" also found itself re-released later in the year from a concert tape to augment the four Dan Hartman studio songs on Metal Priestess, but the version here has the more sinister Alice Cooper-style vocal which gets sort of lost on the live take. Williams even slyly references the artist's Killer in the song "Hit Man," which, like "Plasma Jam," was recorded live in Milan. Rather than be the mess that "Hit Man" and "Living Dead" are, the instrumental "Plasma Jam" gets the band to show it actually has chops, Stotts guitar a blazing on this one, it is pop metal that didn't give the Jeff Beck Group any sleepless nights, but is a decent groove with appropriate Black Sabbath riffs as the tune melts into a slower tempo. "Pig Is a Pig," like "Nothing" on the previous side, is good headbanger rock, and probably what endeared her to Lemmy of Motorhead. These B movie recordings would have been hugely successful had they the video to go along with the stunning visuals of the album covers. The moral of the story: a porno filmmaker should've stuck to his craft.

- Joe Viglione, All Music Guide

18)Brian Torff,,3575464,00.html?src=search&artist=Brian+Torff

19)Trapeze Hold On,,176859,00.html


20)Jacknifed Jean Beauvoir

21)Peter Dayton

22)Vic Damone "Tenderly",,2741202,00.html

23)Elvis Presley Elvis Presley: Classic Albums [Video/DVD]

24)Herb Ellis[DVD]:1922389867;_ylt=A0Je5X2DI1JG42gBprWDBqMX;_ylu=X3oDMTBwMjNqdWVsBHBndANhdHdfd2ViX3Jlc3VsdARzZWMDc3I-

25)Point Of Ares, Enemy Glory

26)Tim Moore Behind The Eyes

27)Magic Dick in VIBE MAGAZINE by Joe Viglione

28)Lynn Anderson Live at the Renaissance Center

29)Herman's Hermits Greatest Hits

On Barnes &

30)NRBQ Dummy

31)til tuesday Voices Carry,,175556,00.html

32)Tommy James HOLD THE FIRE on Barnes &

33)Lisa Hartman;_ylt=A0Je5XgmJlJG198AaDCDBqMX;_ylu=X3oDMTBwMjNqdWVsBHBndANhdHdfd2ViX3Jlc3VsdARzZWMDc3I-

34)The Supremes: New Ways But Love Stays


Review by Joe V to follow

36)Lonely Avenue: The Unlikely Life and Times of Doc Pomus
by Alex Halberstadt, Peter Guralnick (Introduction)

37)Dog Years: A Memoir
by Mark Doty


38)Vendela Vida "Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name"


39)Thundertrain HELL TONIGHT


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