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Monday, November 01, 2010


November Top 40

The Jimi Hendrix Anthology

Genius second official Experience Hendrix boxed set, beautiful follow-up to the first one. The first boxed set was on Uni; this is Sony's opportunity to sell the Hendrix catalog and it is a stunning sequel to the discs released this past summer.

Here's Part 1 of my reviews on

Thus, I’ve had Disc 4 playing endlessly, just randomly pulling it from the envelope…and it is stunningly wonderful. Seventy three minutes and two seconds of newly remastered old tapes with a shimmering 14:46 minute version of “Stone Free” recorded live (keep in mind, TMRZoo reviewed Valleys of Neptune in March of 2010, the first Sony/Legacy release with a Traffic-styled rendition of “Stone Free”). “Sunshine Of Your Love” is tucked inside this long jam session, one of Jimi’s fave riffs it seems…and there’s yet another “Hey Baby” (New Rising Sun)” included …tons of great stuff. I could go track by track…but there are three more discs and a DVD to cover so let this article stand as Part 1. Read more here:

2)Fab: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney [Hardcover]
By Howard Sounes

On November 5, 2010 I interviewed Howard Sounes for Visual Radio (the taping was done on the SOAP BOX show which airs Friday nights 7-9 pm). Hope to have portions of the interview here soon.

Read the review by Robert Francos till mine posts!

4) John Scofield

5) Bing Crosby Return To Paradise Islands

6) Marvin Gaye His Final 24

7) Willie Nile Beautiful Wreck Of The World

8)The Buckinghams The Definitive Live Video

#9 MARK NEWMAN Walls of Jericho

Also read review on TMR Zoo

1.) Until The Morning Comes
2.) Don’t Get Me Wrong
3.) Taking Pictures
4.) Fire On The Water
5.) Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl
6.) Walls of Jericho
7.) Vacation
8.) She’s The One
9.) Medicine Marie
10.) I Wanna Know
11.) White Bird
12.) Under The Sun

Walls of Jericho takes Mark Newman into poppier territory than found on his 2006 Americana album, Must Be A Pony. Sure, the title track of that collection had its pop sensibilities, but leaning more towards Rusty Kershaw than David LaFlamme and It's A Beautiful Day, covered here on track 11, a version of the underground hit "White Bird". Newman does a nice job on that classic tune that always annoyed me, rounding it out and making it listenable (whereas LaFlamme and even a violin-laden rendition by Sam Bush were drenched in their "authenticity" bringing the song to a maudlin level a bit too hard to take). Newman does dip back into his traditional bag with "She's The One", but it still has a modern, Triple A folk style that works well in the context of these Walls of Jericho. His voice is also on here and throughout the disc, and the playing is as superb as we've come to expect from this journeyman. "Until The Morning Comes" opens the disc and is highly commercial and quite beautiful. It's a perfect opening to a very strong dozen tunes that have both integrity and personality.

Here's a useful link to It's A Beautiful Day

#10 The Blues Brats Evolution Of the Blues

Donald Reinhold (lead guitar, vocals) leads this brat pack of blues players with his Hendrixian-styled guitar that sounded wonderful as drummer Mike Thibeau and bassist Matte Vermette pounded down the walls of WinCAM in Winchester, Massachusetts on November 1, 2010.

This 9 song CD with songs written, arranged and produced by Donal Reinhold features the very excellent "Stingray", track 8. It is a standout and the group should release it as a single. Greg McSpadden guest sings lead vocals on "Cheap Wine", "Longing", "Sticky Bread", "Say No", "Soft Soul Shoes (version 1) and Sting Ray. Don sings on "No Best Friend", the second version of "Soft Soul Shoes" and the final track, "Say No". Check them out on YouTube. After the group's excellent set at Wincam on November 1 (thanks to producer Jeff Dearman introducing this group to us), I got to interview the trio. They've got the Cream/Jimi Hendrix Experience vibe and certainly have the chops to rock the weekend nightspots. The band exceeds their/its CD in performance.


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