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Saturday, June 02, 2007


June 2007 Top 40 - Just A Few Reasons Why Joe Vig is one of the most prolific writers in New England.


Photo of Little Walter DeVenne, DJ featured in our story on radio this week (June 1) in the North Shore Sunday.
Joe Vig's Top 40 for June, 2007

Welcome! Enclosed are some of my reviews and stories appearing in other publications as well as goodies that we have written (me and my alter ego) specifically for this blog.


1)Shock and Awe Jocks from the North Shore Sunday, June 1, 2007

2)Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem

3)Tim Giovanniello review forthcoming, it's in the CD player now 6/2/07


4)Barry Goudreau on Barnes &

5)God Lives Underwater "Up Off The Floor"


7) "Queen Tribute" by Valensia

Not to be confused with last month's #12 record (May Joe Vig Top 40)
Northey Valenzuela (self-titled CD)

Review by Joe Viglione
The pairing of guitarist/vocalist Craig Northey with vocalist/guitarist Jesse Valenzuela works very well on Northey Valenzuela's eponymous album, though the cover photo leaves a lot to be desired and doesn't give a glimpse of the great sounds within. The disc opens with a laid-back semi-driving "Talk to Yourself," a very appealing slice of pop drawing from Dwight Twilley and perhaps R.E.M. doing the Eagles' "Already Gone" at half speed. "Counting on You" borrows liberally from George Harrison's "Paperback Writer" riff, and that's a good thing on this bright and shiny music, sounds on that song representative of what you'll find here. "You gotta be cruel to be kind" is a line from track seven, "Let It Go," a little hint that Nick Lowe is an influence, and a positive one at that.

full review:


8)Blues Caravan The New Generation

9)Home and Garden review

10)Stop The War Coalition: Benefit Concert Featuring Brian Eno


11)South of Delia / Richard Shindell

12)The Best of the Joe Perry Project: The Music Still Does the Talking
Well, Billie Montgomery Hirsch Alexander Perry may have pushed her husband on to American Idol....maybe she did, maybe she didn't; the new Mrs. Perry might have also told Steve Tyler to take a hike and leave Aerosmith so she could front the band?
Only her hairdresser and plastic surgeon know for sure... but we have the
Barnes & Noble posting of my review of THE BEST OF THE JOE PERRY PROJECT...this is the stuff he did before Billie left Willie Loco to get her hands on Mr. Perry:

The moral of the story? Joe Perry - let the music do the talking, not the second wife! (Disclaimer: We are Joe Perry fans! It's the 2nd wife we have a problem with!!!)

13)P.J. Shapiro article in Medford Mercury by Joe Vig

14)Bette Midler THE ROSE (CD Soundtrack)


16)Butterfly Joe on Artist,,957264,00.html

17)Bill Janovitz on Visual Radio 2007

18)Charlie Farren's WORLD GONE WILD


19)Compilation: Atom Records The First Five Years (2001-2006)

20)IN DEFENSE OF OUR AMERICA - Book by Anthony D. Romero and Tina Temple-Raston

23)Piper - Billy Squier's PIPER CD on Review by Joe Vig

OK, I couldn't find the PIPER cover so here's the sequel, "Can't Wait" photo



25)Ken Elkinson "Revelry"


27)Blacktop Mourning

Review forthcoming

28)John R. Phillips - REVIVAL TIME


29) Calling All Angels - Jack's Waterfall

30)Adverbs by Daniel Handler


31)Bob Dylan after the ... 97.3 E.Z. Rock site

32)Lawrence Donegan on Barnes & Noble

33)He's a Rebel: Phil Spector Rock and Rolls Legendary Producer (Paperback)
by Mark Ribowsky (Author)


34)Kerry Kearney's "Welcome To The Pyschedelta"

35) For the First Time
Nick Bukuvalas|PM&sql=Adcfuxqu0ldse

36) How To Create A Rumba or {Como se forma una Rumba)

(Review should post in a week or so on


37)The Heebie-jeebies at Cbgb's: A Secret History of Jewish Punk By Steven Lee Beeber's&printsec=frontcover&source=web&ots=X38wNHtqsB&sig=2LaxdSH1aVc_NoM5UxK3uga49dU#PPP1,M1


38)Eden's Children Part of the Bosstown Sound

39)Chris Pureka's DRYLAND as reviewed for Inside Out Magazine, Hudson Valley, NY

March Issue

Artist: Chris Pureka
Title: Dryland
Label: Sad Rabbit Music
Year: 2006
Catalog # 329112

Dryland is an impressive follow up to Chris Pureka's first full-length disc, Driving North. Pureka's distinctive voice takes the listener to the places
explored by Elton John and Bernie Taupin back in the days of their Tumbleweed Connection album. It's pop music for the old west, a perfect soundtrack for a
sequel to Brokeback Mountain, perhaps Brokeback Mountain from the female perspective. This Dryland speaks with authority, a youthful voice chock full of
wisdom articulating the moods that swing from disappointment to want, expressed effectively in songs like "Come Back Home" and the title track. "The last
time I saw it I was heading north to the mountain-lands and here I am" she sings in the song "Dryland", perhaps referencing the earlier work while
continuing the theme of missing, waiting and wanting. Pureka has that same drive Janis Ian displayed post "Society's Child" and before her "At Seventeen" phase
with the songs building upon each other, unstated connections that form a cohesive whole, like chapters of the same book. Dryland is a finely textured
fabric, the soaring "Momentary Thief" continuing the requests, the singer putting her private meditations out for public inspection. Co-producer/engineer Marc
Alan Miller helps create a sparse environment for the variety of instruments, and that allows them to slip in and out of the melodic passages without intruding
on the words. The combination of the upright bass from Andy Rice mixed with Sebastian Renfield's ambient electric guitar and violins mark the first song, These
Pages, with an eloquence that reflects the singer's intent. These aren't simple Top 40 poems put to music, they read like pages from a diary with the
songwriter changing the melodies and chords to fit her unique story-telling form. Yes, each title has the ability to work separately from this setting as album
tracks or even a potential Triple A radio single, think Tracy Chapman being low-key and telling her stories in a different framework. It is complex music,
but the complexities don't take away from Chris Pureka's ability to entertain while getting so many issues off her mind.

A different review of Chris Pureka by Joe Vig on

40)Real Estate Debt Can Make You Rich: What You Owe Today Is What You Will Be Worth Tomorrow (Paperback) by Steve Dexter

Interview on Visual Radio will be posted soon.


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