Friday, December 31, 2004

Joe Vig's Top 100 For October, November, December 2004

It's The End Of The year, but we'd be posting the Top 35 for Oct, Nov., Dec. anyway

It's tough to do a great Beatles Tribute and these Bullseye people in Canada pulled it off hitting the proverebial "Bullseye". You need to get the 3rd disc - the commercial one is just a double.

2)Bob Dylan & The Beatles: Volume One Of The Best Of The Blacklisted Journal
by Al Aronowitz
Gary "Pig" Gold covered this in a previous issue of Music Business Montly.

3)Ugly Things Magazine
This is totally amazing - as Cinemafantastique was the Gold Standard of Science Fiction
fanzines, Ugly Things Issue #22 is out and it is beautiful. A real collectors item.
Mike Stax and the crew have done a phenomenal job - dedicated to Greg Shaw, write
to Priced at 6.95 and well worth it, send them 2.00 for postage
Ugly Things Magazine/3707 Fifth Ave. #145, San Diego, CA 92103

21 tracks retrieved from Acetates thought to have been lost. Essential.

5)Animal Serenade Lou Reed
OK, it's not "Rock & Roll Animal", nor is it "Berlin" but it is light years beyond "Perfect Night"
and Lou is finally having some fun again extending his songs a la Phish.
Executive Producer Bill Bentley is to be commended for working with Lou on this final disc
before Reed's new affiliation with Sanctuary. Cool fold out on the cardboard sleeve.

6)The One & Only Nat King Cole

Quite simply an amazing DVD - read my review.

7) "Famous: The Buzzy Linhart Story"
Another great DVD, this was directed by the great Shelly Toscano. What a phenomenal job!
Hear the music from the guy who starred in "Cos", Bill Cosby's earlier show, was in
The Groove Tube, played Carnegie Hall, and is quietly building a publishing empire at

8)Just One Look- The Best Of Doris Troy
This rare disc on Ichiban is even more sought after than the 12" vinyl album that came
decades before it. Doris would send me Christmas cards and we'd chat on the phone -
what a lovely human being. One of the most tragic passings of 2004. This record deserves
to be in release again - it's a real treasure. Read my review of her Rainbow Concert!
Doris was thrilled that the Rainbow Concert got attention on AMG, it was one of her favorite
of her recordings:

9)Carole King: The Early Years
Classic Original Recordings released on the Hallmark label; it could have some liner notes and
offer more than just 28 or so minutes of Carole, but hearing her perform "Breaking Up Is Hard
To Do" is a treasure. Early tapes make me happy.

10)The Matrix Trilogy on Cinemax
Joel Silver narrating the three films spinning one after the other is a Sci-Fi fan's dream
come true. Sure there are some soft spots in all three motion pictures, but for the most
part, the series is a winner which has gotten people chatting about Metaphysics all over
the web. Fun to watch over and over again.

11) Stephen Davis "Jim Morrison",,0_014280066X,00.html

13)Eponymous - Arms Of Kismet

14) ELO Live At Wembley / Discovery / Out Of The Blue DVD EagleVision

15)Lollipop Lounge: Memoirs Of A Rock & Roll Refugee
Genya Ravan's autobiography comes with BOTH of her 20th Century Fox albums if you
are a famous rock critic! A unique promo between Uni's Hip0 Select and Billboard Books
thought up by yours truly!

16)NICO! ALL TOMORROW'S PARTIES on Cleopatra Records

17)FEVER Book by Tim Riley

18) Jonathan Richman NOT SO MUCH TO BE LOVED

19) Mickey Finn's T-REX Angel Air
R.I.P. Mickey Finn

20)Napoleon Murphy Brock "Balls" Hear the clips

This is a CD by Napoleon Brock, a friend of Billy James, author of "We're An American Band"

21)BRIAN HYLAND re-release on Hip-O Select My review is here:

Hip-0 Review:

22)KIWI MADE MUSIC Volume One 1968 - 1972
Tree Music - Music from when "The Beatles and The Stones ruled supreme - A raw slice
of real Kiwi Music recorded by Tree 1968-1972.
Check out Beatzone website.

Check out their site:
BEATZONE MEDIA goes back a long way (1965) and has been involved in many aspects of the Entertainment scene. Originally in the field of music publications, we produced such New Zealand only magazines as "Pop Scene", "Groove" Newspaper and "Limelight" magazine.

TREE RECORDS were launched in 1969 with a raunchy blues original by a band called "The Supernatural Blues Band". "Out In The Cold" is now a 'classic" as is Rick Bryant's first recording, "Wild About You" - a slow burner about unrequainted love.

23) Wet Willie High Humidity
Greatest Hits Live - they still sound great!

24) Bleecker Street: Greenwich Village In The 60s
Suzzy and Maggie Roche perform Buzzy Linhart's "The Love's Still Growin"

25) Rachel Sage Ballads & Burlesques

26)Ingrid Saxxon "A Lot Of Livin' To Do with Michael Bolton's CDs on the same site:

27)Frank Sinatra Show with Ella Fitzgerald

This thing is fantastic! Like Nat King Cole's show, a classic blast from the past.

28)La Pest v.2.0
It doesn't have Peter Dayton, Stephen Kalinowsky (a.k.a. Ian Blast) has taken his place,
but it is an artifact!

29)Canned Heat Friends In The Can Fuel 2000

30)Megadeath The System Has Failed

31)Supersuckers From The Audio Video Dept. Music Video Distributors
Check out the review on

32)Pet Shop Boys Somewhere DVD

33)Faraz Anwar Abstract Point Of View What a fantastic artist!

34)Phish Tales From The Phish (Bootleg)
Where PHISH takes on The Velvet Underground's LOADED

35)Vanilla Fudge Then And Now

36) Charlie Farren with Balloon - Reunion DVD Produced by Bob Boyd

37)"Pick Me" The Ticks
If you liked The Shaggs, you'll flip out over The Ticks

38)Jess Klein "Strawberry Lover" Ryko Disc

39) The Eyes Of Alice Cooper Eagle Rock Entertainment

40)Blackmore's Night Live: Past Times With Good Company

41)Dave Rave Group EVERYDAY MAGIC
Produced by Glenn Marshall

42)The Hollies Reunion Fuel 2000

43)Juice Newon Juice/Quiet Lies Http://

44)Starz Greatest Hits Live

45)LSDT Digging Her Sin

46)The Jethro Tull Christmas Album

47)Rock E Rollins & The post modern adventures of a 21st Century R&R Boy

48)The Byrds Set You Free 1964-73

49)Lisa Burns self-titled debut 1978 with The Boom Boom Band


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