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August 2010 TOP 40


The legendary Bobby Hebb lives on! Read the Salem Gazzette Tribute by Joe Viglione

By Joe Viglione / Sitting In
Posted Aug 12, 2010 @ 04:01 PM

Bobby Hebb was born in Nashville, Tenn., on July 26, 1938, but lived a good part of his life in Salem and Rockport. One of his first publishers was John R. (nee John Richbourg), owner of “Cape Ann Music,” a name that might have generated the initial seed for Bobby to seek out the wonders of this region. Or perhaps it was Bobby’s father that suggested Cape Ann as a wonderful place to live.

Either way, or both, Salem and Rockport enjoyed the presence of a musical giant best known for a song that must have over 1,000 “cover versions” at this point in time, the immortal “Sunny.”

On Aug. 3, just a week and a day after his 72nd birthday, we lost this unique, wonderful and quite amazing human being. One of Bobby’s sisters, Shirley, told me that Bobby was with 10 of his loved ones, including his daughter, when he passed away very peacefully at 10:50 a.m. Central time in Nashville.

Bobby Hebb in the Boston Globe Sunday August 15

Sincerest form of flattery department: Gloucester Times, a paper I wrote a Bobby Hebb story for, liberally takes from previous articles on Bobby in their August 20, 2010 story:


3)Classic Golden Oldie....KILL ME (ce Soir) by Golden Earrin

"Too much of a risk, for a golden disc; ce soir, ce soir, assassination of a rock & roll star...
tempted his business advis0r...

4)Janis Joplin – Final 24: Her Final Hours DVD Review
by Joe Viglione August - 6 - 2010

With the passing of Bobby Hebb this week the last thing I should be doing is reviewing this series of DVDs, Final 24…but being devoted to Janis Joplin I had to give this one a spin.

There are a batch of these “Final 24″ discs focusing on major musicians with some questionable characters and their stories thrown in to boot: Anna Nicole Smith, David Koresh, Nicole Brown Simpson, Sid Vicious, Gianni Versace (the subject of a Marty Balin song from his new album Blue Highway; actually the first single), John Belushi and Keith Moon.




For those who enjoy the hard-hitting precision of Deep Purple’s Perfect Strangers album or the late Ronny James Dio fronting Black Sabbath this exquisite new collection of a dozen tracks by the band I consider New England’s premiere metal outfit will surely satisfy the group’s followers as well as hard rock aficionados. The title (and closing) track, “Sea Of Black“, is probably my fave of this top-notch collection …”can you feel the power…”…yes, you can as Gene D’Itria’s guitar riff chugs along underneath Joey Vee’s incessant beat and bassist Michael Palumbo’s moving bottom-end waves of sound.

Tommy James fans can rejoice as Collectors Choice has put out a timely spread of re-releases to coincide with his biography on Scribner/Simon & Schuster, “Me, The Mob and The Music: One Helluva Ride with Tommy James and The Shondells”. These beautifully packaged CDs start out with the 1967 classic I Think We’re Alone Now, TJ & The Shondells’ third album; the follow-up, 1968′s Gettin’ Together; the group’s final album, 1970′s Travelin’ and the brilliant 1971 release My Head, My Bed, My Red Guitar, his third solo album (and finale’ on the Roulette imprint).

9) KABOOM by Matt Gallagher

#10 Roy Orbison Listing:
1.) Only The Lonely
2.) Leah
3.) Dream Baby
4.) In Dreams
5.) Mean Woman Blues
6.) Blue Bayou
7.) Candyman
8.) Crying
9.) Ooby Dooby
10.) Go, Go, Go (Down The Line)
11.) It’s Over
12.) Working For The Man
13.) Lana
14.) Oh, Pretty Woman

FROM THE PRESS RELEASE: The Last Concert CD is a rarity in these days and times because it is historically correct—it is a trip down memory lane, capturing one of the best rock ‘n roll singers of all time. You don’t really get to know an artist until you go to a live performance, and this particular concert, on December 4th, 1988 was the very last time that Roy Orbison performed. It is an incredible example of Roy’s on-stage presentation, in which he always gave stellar, near-chilling performances. It is a must-have in any record collection.


#12 Peter Cetera Live Concert Review

The Ladies Love Peter Cetera: Former Bassist From The Group Chicago Plays It Soft And Safe At The Boston Esplanade those of us who loved the pop music of The Velvet Underground and The Beatles, the underground rock/pop of Lou Reed and the mainstream pop of John, Paul, George & Ringo, the music of the group Chicago was truly anathema when it first touched our collective ears.

Four decades or more later one can appreciate the majesty of songs like “If You Leave Me Now”, “Hard Habit to Break” and the endless stream of other adult contemporary confections that Peter Cetera has collected during and after his stint in Chicago.

With a solid band of musicians behind him P.C. strangely put together an extremely pedestrian presentation. It was actually quite shocking that the performance concentrated so heavily on the sounds of the eighties when there was much potential for a dynamic roller coaster ride through his career. Read more here

As Stephen Davis put together a biography entitled “Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend” with less of an emphasis on The Doors, Author Michael Spöerke has written a much-needed book on Big Brother & The Holding Company with an attempt to focus on the band itself: bassist Peter Albin, drummer David Getz with Sam Andrew and James Gurley creating an awesome guitar duo. That this is the 40th anniversary of the passing of Janis Joplin means that more people will be looking for information on the innovative and highly creative band that backed her up. This book fits the bill. Don’t let the 106 pages make you think it is a small book…on large paper with double-spaced text, there is a lot of history here worthy of review and deserving of a place in your bookcase Read more here:

Targets.jpg image by Kandoom

#15 The Shirts The Tiger Must Jump

#16 Cy Curnin Solar Minimum

#17 Stacie Rose
#18 The Pixies on Blu Ray

Here are my original DVD reviews of the initial releases:

Club Date: Live at the Paradise in Boston
The Pixies: Club Date Live at the Paradise in Boston delivers the goods with lots and lots of material, not only from the 2004 Paradise show but with additional footage culled from a 1986 T.T. the Bears amateur video added as the "bonus tracks." It takes them a while to launch into "La La Love You," the surf rocker that opens the set after some playful chatter between Frank Black and his bandmates, but once they do it is a perfectly filmed good time of pop music played by a band that knew and still knows how to find a groove. Read more here:

Pixies Acoustic: Live in Newport [DVD]
Pixies Acoustic: Live in Newport is a fabulous companion piece to Eagle Vision's Club Date: Live at the Paradise in Boston. The older, wiser Pixies elegantly transfer their melodies from instruments to audience with ease and joy. As beautifully filmed and bright as the Paradise concert, the material jumps out of the speakers, the pretty embellishments of the acoustics a delight while the camera work coming in from different angles makes for an appealing backdrop to the audio. Read more here:


#20 Procol Harum

#21 Matt Turk

Matt Turk Press

#22 MOOGY KLINGMAN August 21

We had a great night with Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary last week at the Universal Peace Day concert. The audience loved the new songs and we premiered our Opus from the new album, the "Ring the Bell Of Peace" Suite just before a peace bell was rung commemorating the 65th anniversary of dropping an atomic bomb on Nagasaki. At the end of the show Barry Gruber and I joined Peter Yarrow singing "We Shall Overcome".
This Saturday night it's going to be new songs from our new album, songs from our first album and rock standards by Neil Young, Steve Stills, Stevie Nicks and the Beatles!
We've been packing that club one Saturday night a month since November and our following there continues to grow. It's a beautiful spot right across from the Musuem of Natural History with lots of space, no cover, and $5 beers of all descriptions. ..........Moogy Klingman
The Peaceniks -still rockin'at the P & G Bar
380a Columbus ave. at 78th st in Manhattan
no cover, no minimum, cheap drinks
Saturday, August 21st
a two hour show starting at 8 pm & going til 10 pm
Barry Gruber, Moogy Klingman, & Patti Rothberg
w/Jim Satin & Mark Greenberg

The Peaceniks at the P & G, L to R: Patti Rothberg, Jim Satten, Barry Gruber, Mark Greenberg, & Moogy Klingman

Moogy Klingman bio by Joe Viglione on CMT


Style Wars Fundraising Event at BAM

Iconic Film To Kickoff Restoration Fundraising with a Program
at The Brooklyn Academy of Music on September 9th
Cover ArtGlobally recognized as the indispensable document of New York Street culture of the early '80s, Style Wars is the visual record of a golden age of youthful creativity that exploded into the world from city in crisis. Its vibrant legacy is alive everywhere. Style Wars has had an extraordinary impact around the globe, inspiring succeeding generations of youthful fans.

But today, the film's negatives - including hours of unseen footage - are in decaying with age. This iconic cultural document must be preserved before it's too late.

Style Wars won high praise from the local graffiti writing community for its authenticity and the Grand Prize for Documentaries at the 1984 Sundance Film Festival, the first of many awards and citations. Style Wars screened on PBS television around the country beginning in early 1984.

On September 9th, The Style Wars Restoration fund will kick off its fundraising efforts with a bang at BAM. There will be three screenings and a reception with delicious food provided by Farinella Bakery in addition to plenty of graffiti masters, B-boys and other special guests!

In addition, canvases by the legendary graffiti kings, courtesy of "The Legends of Style", will be hung at the reception, and DJ Kay Slay will be on the turntables.


Screenings: 4:40pm, 6:50pm and 9:15pm
Q&A: 6:50pm
Reception: 6:50pm

Tickets and Screening information:

Style Wars Restoration Fund:

#24 Bela Lugosi's WHITE ZOMBIE

as shown on Wincam after SOAP BOX August 20, 2010 of a film poster with a dark green background. In the top right corner the face of the character Murder Legendre is shown. In the bottom right corner Madeleine Short character is shown from a side profile with her arms stretched in front of her. The text at the top reads "She was not alive...Nor dead...Just a". The text in the center has the film's title written in larger letters across the middle. Text at the bottom left of Short reads "Performing his every desire!"



We're rolling a Bela Lugosi festival starting off tonight, August 20, 2010 at 9 PM on

Hear commentary on SoapBox prior to the screenings.

#25 Arthur Lennig's book on Bela Lugosi


#26 Collector's item book THE COUNT, which preceded The Immortal Count


An Illustrated History of The Horror Film



That earthy feel that Rusty Kershaw employed so well has found its way into the music of Ted Drozdowski, Mark Newman ( ) and other proponents of the laid-back neo Cajun style that has its followers but also has resistance to mainstream appeal. The dozen tunes here do not include "The Martha Stewart Song" or "Moonstruck" which Marc Black performed at the ASCAP Cafe during the January 2007 Sundance Film Festival, but that's ok, the artist soldiers on with twelve tunes that are soaked in his deep textures and personal style. Indeed, "Moonstruck Love" is highly commercial, something his (possible follow-up to it?) "The Moon Whispered" emulates in a very nice way. Opening track "Red Lite" is kinda sorta Van Morrison meets Leonard Cohen in some dark alley, a happy/sad approach, "Tupelo Honey" taken down several notches.

The happy-go-lucky "Moment After Dawn" goes deep into the hootenanny quasi-country world which is the influence at play here. "Scott's Bungalo" is a pretty ditty which would also be nice, believe it or not, in the hands of Judy Collins. It would be nice to hear Lou Reed do "Mirror Of Your Tears" in his Velvet Underground Third persona while the title track, "Pictures of The Highway" is the almost 5 minute centerpiece/epic of this collection. "Little Brown Bunny" would be a nice duet if Shawn Mullins were invited to the party while "I Love You Rachel Maddow" couldn't be more absurd! Is she going to leave her girlfriend for an older guy? Doubtful, but it would work on MSNBC as a fadeout to her show, and perhaps that was the intent. My choice for the single is "For A Little While", it breaks the mold and has a hook and is commercially viable.
Marc Black has the voice to go in that direction...and should.

NO SAD SONGS Tim Gleeson

Ten heartfelt vocals from Tim Gleeson including the four minute finale track, "Right Here", piano and guitar which - in this day of Carole King and James Taylor reinventing themselves with that same formula - is not a bad idea. Preceded by "Train That Never Comes" the harmonica and guitar with piano in the background all performed by Gleeson. The opening and title track is more uptempo with a unique idea, "Can't write no sad songs today, 'cause I'm ok". His voice here sounds a bit like a distant cousin to Andy Pratt, upper register and some nice effects on the instrumentation and percussion. "Run To You" is a nice sentiment with a pretty mix of voice, guitar and piano that makes it one of the more polished tracks here. Curiously, six of the ten titles clock in at just about four minutes, 4:04 for tracks 1,4 and 10, 4:01 for track 2, 4:05 for track 3 and 4:08 for track 7. Interesting to note because how many times do you see an artist zero in on such perfect timing for the majority of his or her work on an album. And speaking of her, perhaps the highest compliment one could give Tim is to compare "Run To You" to the work of Harriet Schock, songwriter supreme from Los Angeles (co-author of the love theme to the film Berry Gordy's Last Dragon, "First Time On A Ferris Wheel", though this Tim Gleeson song sounds like it is out of Harriet's Nik Venet produced period). "Play For You" has introspection a la Dan Fogelberg, voice out front and center with only the piano to back it up (something Schock effectively employs as well) with strings bursting in at the right moment. "Be Your Man" opens with a harmonica and sparse production, Neil Young circa his elegant Harvest period though Gleeson's voice is more polished. There's some very nice stuff on No Sad Songs. Listen to Tim on Wincam's SOAP BOX this coming Friday, August 27th at at 7:30 PM

Track #4 on the CD

#31 Final 24 JIM MORRISO

#32 The Paul Is Dead Mystery

Joel Gilbert's DVD on The Last Testament of George Harrison

#33 BETTY WHITE Wins Emmy August 21

Newly ubiquitous "Golden Girls" actress Betty White won the fifth Emmy of her career on Saturday for hosting an episode of "Saturday Night Live," while fellow screen veteran Ann-Margret got a standing ovation after receiving her first statuette.

#34 Alan Wilson R.I.P. 40th Anniversary of his passing

Blind Owl Al Wilson: Arlington’s Forgotten Music Legend

September 3, 2010 is the fortieth anniversary of the passing of Arlington’s Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson, the late lead singer and founding member of the legendary blues/rock group Canned Heat. I was sixteen years old and living on Beverly Road in Arlington, on the shores of the lower Mystic lakes when the Arlington Advocate published its obituary of Wilson. As a huge music fan I certainly loved the groups’ hit recordings, “On The Road Again”, “Goin’ Up The Country” and a cover of Wilbert Harrison’s “Let’s Work Together”. Wilson sang the first two hits while his friend and band co-founder, Bob “The Bear” Hite, sang “Let’s Work Together.” After Al Wilson we lost Jimi Hendrix on Sept 18th with Joplin’s untimely death on October 4, 1970.”

Read more here:

#35 The Doors and Black Sabbath on Blu Ray


#37 Candido Delgado and the Couper Brothers - Live at the Cantab Lounge

#38 The Couper Brothers



Side it the:



Video thumbnail. Click to play

Since February I've been co-hosting the Buzzy Linhart Radio Show. A former Executive Director named it "Live From Master Control"...actually had the audacity to change our program's name...probably to make himself appear to be generating content. As many of our readers now, Visual Radio is my 15 year old TV program...suddenly I was hosting "Writer's Corner", which was OK, we just put 2 of 'em together and have a Visual Radio, but it did increase the workload. Anyway, on July 12th two of the staff were let go and now things are back to normal at the station. And Buzzy has the title of his program back.

July 2010

Joe Vig Top 50 for July 2010


#2 Exile On Main Street$file/Exile+On+Main+Street.jpgThe month of May, 2010 has Mick Jagger on your TV screen…from Jimmy Kimmel to Larry King, with welcome chatter about the greatest band in the world…and the quintessential double album that is now expanded with bonus tracks…EXILE ON MAIN STREET. We’ll be reviewing the Exile On Main Street DVD in the very near future…but as I haven’t opened the “official” Universal Music promo copy download of the CD (what the heck? Can’t even hold the disc in your hands when reviewing…what’s the world coming to?) for now we’ll revisit a space in time with the man who made Exile On Main Street, the late Jimmy Miller. Jimmy Miller remembered Read more here:

Lots more on this CD and the DVD reissue

Stones to Retire?


also...lost Roundheads DVD review by Joe Viglione
for The last article for GEMMZINE which we are looking for the text on! If you have a copy, send it our way!

Entertainment Hotline visits Ringo Starr; Malden musicians perform Beatles music

By Joe Viglione /
Posted Jul 22, 2010 @ 04:51 PM

Hotline bumped into Malden guitarist David C. Mooney at the Jethro Tull/Procol Harum show on June 15 and again for Ringo and his All Starrs at the Bank America Pavilion on Tuesday, June 29.

At the superb Ringo event, where Beatlemaniacs were out in full force, Mooney brought his fellow Maldonian guitarist, David Andrulli, along with him. Mooney performed in a Jethro Tull cover act back in the day but Andrulli informed the Malden Observer that his musical colleague is currently busy working on a number of his own versions of Beatles’ songs.

“They came out really good...he did a good job,” Andrulli stated while Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer, Gary Wright, Ringo Starr and the band played on the old Harbor Lights stage... The songs recorded thus far include “And Your Bird Can Sing,” “Run For Your Life” from Rubber Soul and an acoustic rendition of John Lennon’s “Watching The Wheels” from Double Fantasy.

Andrulli, de facto spokesman for Mooney, said, “He did all the instruments, harmonies and vocals,” while noting that the recording of “She Said, She Said” was erased by accident.

#4 Dave Munro & Air Traffic Controller

Courtesy/ Dave Munro

Air Traffic Controller features singer/songwriter guitarist Dave Munro and his drummer/brother Rich Munro. Dave recently performed at Boston City Hall Plaza with a string quartet. On Friday, July 23, he is appearing with producer Bleu for the Lowell Folk Festival. On Saturday, July 24, though, you can catch Bleu and Air Traffic Controller with the Aquavia String Octet for a 6 p.m. and a 9 p.m. show. CLUB PASSIM is in Harvard Square near the Coop/Barnes & Noble at 47 Palmer St., Cambridge

#5 Peter Noone's New Photo Book

The entire, unedited copy of the Foreword by Rock Journalist Joe Vig

A biography by Michael Spoerke


Living With The Myth of Janis Joplin: The Story of Big Brother & The Holding Company 1965-2005

Author Michael Spöerke

As Stephen Davis put together a biography entitled “Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend” with less of an emphasis on The Doors, Author Michael Spöerke has written a much-needed book on Big Brother & The Holding Company with an attempt to focus on the band itself: bassist Peter Albin, drummer David Getz with Sam Andrew and James Gurley creating an awesome guitar duo.

That this is the 40th anniversary of the passing of Janis Joplin means that more people will be looking for information on the innovative and highly creative band that backed her up. This book fits the bill. Don’t let the 106 pages make you think it is a small book…on large paper with double-spaced text, there is a lot of history here worthy of review and deserving of a place in your bookcase

Read more here:



If Collectors Choice wants to reissue all the James’ discs separately, I say go for it. If they want to give us two-fers, unreleased tracks, different language versions (and those rarities DO exist for some of the hits) and interviews, please do so. The more the merrier. In any case, all four discs are strongly recommended, even the Travelin’ album which, though a swan song for the band, is beautiful in its “back to the future” approach, the seasoned professionals going back and recording something akin to their earlier discs what Tommy did in his first incarnation on the Hanky Panky album…loose and fun and full of life.

Tommy James will be appearing at the National Rock Con this July 30 – August 1 at the Sheraton Meadowlands

#8 W. Fraser Sandercombe -

The newest, “Beatles Books: From Genesis to Revolution,” is a jaw-dropping bibliography on 1,400 of the published titles … fourteenhundred! Ask a Beatles fan the question, “How many books do you think are currently in-print on the Beatles” and you’ll get varying responses … hundreds … 700 … 900 … but this number is mind-boggling, and will continue to go up just as movie fans will continue to purchase tickets to Avatar in 2010.

As a long-time book critic I tend to put Beatles books in three categories, GREAT as in Geoff Emerick and Howard Massey’s superb “Here, There and Everywhere: My Life Recording The Music of The Beatles”, The Beatles own biography on Chronicle Books or any of George Martin’s titles, especially “All You Need Is Ears” and his discussion of Sgt. Pepper. Then there’s the books that are good, and then there are the dreadful tomes that miss the mark.” Read more here:

#9 L.A. Confidential

"Reciprocity the key to every relationship"


#11 Lou Reed's BERLIN LIVE

On September 1, 1973 Lou Reed unveiled an amazing new band at Tanglewood in Lenox, Massachusetts, the debut of material from the album Berlin along with nuggets that the singer/songwriter established in The Velvet Underground. To this day it remains one of my all-time favorite concerts up there with The Rolling Stones 1972 Boston Garden show with Stevie Wonder (famous for former Mayor Kevin White’s “My City’s In Flames”)

speech), Queen at the Music Hall (and I was never a big fan of the band, it was just a great night), The Doors on the Boston Common in 1972 without Jim Morrison, Fleetwood Mac/Savoy Brown on the Boston Common, also in 1972, and a handful of others. But Lou’s 9/1/73 show still rates as numero uno in my book, for presentation, drama, craftsmanship and sheer rock and roll energy.

That those vintage shows occurred before rock music became so very corporate, and that the artists were at the peak of their powers, is something to be considered when reviewing reinvention recorded 33 years later. The music of Berlin as unveiled at Tanglewood was pure perfection – it was a warm summer’s night in the open air, a long drive out to Lenox, and Lou Reed in evolution, the transition as he was morphing out of the “Transformer” into his Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal phase.

Read more here:

Matador website




#15 Patty Larkin

Former Girls Night Out guitarist is back with a terrific new CD

#16 The Monster & The Ape

#17 Peter Parcek

#18 SEA OF BLACK by the group MASS
#18 SEA OF BLACK by the group MASS
For those who enjoy the hard-hitting precision of Deep Purple’s Perfect Strangers album or the late Ronny James Dio fronting Black Sabbath this exquisite new collection of a dozen tracks by the band I consider New England’s premiere metal outfit will surely satisfy the group’s followers as well as hard rock aficionados.

The title (and closing) track, “Sea Of Black“, is probably my fave of this top-notch collection …”can you feel the power…”…yes, you can as Gene D’Itria’s guitar riff chugs along underneath Joey Vee’s incessant beat and bassist Michael Palumbo’s moving bottom-end waves of sound.

Read more here in TMRZoo

#19 Peter C. Johnson 1978-1981

#20 PETER WOLF Midnight Souvenirs

#21 Canned Heat
With Bob Hite and Alan Wilson switching off on vocals, Canned Heat delivered as consistent a blues product as George Thorogood, only with more diversity and subtle musical nuances keeping the listener involved. "Same All Over" breaks no new ground, opening up the Hallelujah disc, but the enthusiasm and reverence the band has for the genre is special. Al Wilson's distinctive voice -- heard on two Top 20 hit records in 1968 -- is enhanced with his eerie whistling on "Change My Ways" and the wonderfully ragged instrumentation. The way the keys bubble up under the guitars, it would have been a natural for these guys to groove their way into a Grateful Dead-style jam band thing, but two vocalists dying within an 11-year span is a bit much for any ensemble. The name Canned Heat is so cool that it becomes the title of the third song. "Canned Heat" is a pretty accurate description of what they play, and the bluesy, slow Bob Hite vocal works wonders over the incessant Henry Vestine/Alan Wilson guitar work. Nice stuff. Read more here

#22 Canned Heat Cookbook From Monterey Pop & Woodstock

This initial best-of package, Canned Heat Cookbook, was released rather quickly in 1969 after the band's initial burst of creativity resulted in four albums and two hit singles between 1967 and 1968. Friend/manager/producer Skip Taylor lists tons of the band's engagements from 1966 on the gatefold of the album, which constitutes its only liner notes. Dozens and dozens of gigs, from the Monterey International Pop Festival to Club 47, the Boston Tea Party, and what they call the Woodstock Pop Festival, are all listed, and this is a staggering resumé suited well to a greatest-hits package. There are baby photos of the five bandmembers (and the obligatory thanks to their moms for providing them), as well as a very cool cover design by Dean Torrence, which features his artistic rendition of each performer along with a couple of butterflies. They look somewhat like the Band here, and their rocking blues were actually somewhat similar to the dudes who backed up Bob Dylan. But the sound of their records differed from that other ensemble, and Al Wilson's personality shines through on "Goin' up the Country" and "On the Road Again," two blasts of '60s pop which were quite different from anything else on the radio at the time read more here

#23 Joplin In Concert 2-12-69 on Wolfsgang's Vault
Janis Joplin concert at Fillmore East on Feb 12, 1969

Radio's DELLA STREET on Perry Mason was from Malden

Thanks to Peter Levine, Malden historian and archivist, for this information July 2009

Remembering Maldonians

Joan Alexander passed away this past May at 94 years of age, and although her ties to Malden are somewhat tenuous I will note them anyway. Her career was long and successful — fashion model, star of the stage, and popular radio actress from the 1940s most notably playing Lois Lane, ace reporter working at the Daily Planet and constantly being rescued by Superman. But her claim to Malden fame is from her re-occurring role as “Della Street” on the very popular Perry Mason radio serial from the same time period.

Perry Mason was created by one of Malden’s most famous residents Earle Stanley Gardner and the character “Della Street” (Perry Mason’s loyal secretary in the series) was named after Dell Street in Malden, which is located right off of Salem Street. Interesting side note, Joan’s second husband was John Sylvester White, otherwise known as Mr. Woodman, an actor universally known and loved for playing the assistant principal in the smash hit Television series “Welcome Back, Kotter.”

12Rounds2009.jpg image by Nobby010

#26 Buzzy Linhart Radio Show
Video thumbnail. Click to play
Feburary 25, 2010 - one of our early editions of THE BUZZY LINHART RADIO SHOW

#27 Dr. Cohen's book NO GOOD DEED

Video thumbnail. Click to play

#28 David Maxwell & Louisiana Red

#29 Steve Buckley




#32 David Kubinec's MAINHORSE AIRLINE:
Geneva Tapes

PREVIOUSLY on the Joe Vig Top 40 back in February of 2008

The Joe Vig Top 40
Monday, January 28, 2008 / Top 40 February 2008
5)David Kubinec's MAINHORSE AIRLINE:Geneva Tapes

David Kubinec's MAINHORSE AIRLINE:Geneva TapesReview by Joe Viglione
David Kubinec released Some Things Never Change in 1978, an album on A & M produced by John Cale, and that brought him to the attention of Velvet Underground fans, but had these lost tapes from Mainhorse Airline had that major distribution perhaps history would be different. The Geneva Tapes feature ten performances from vocalist/songwriter Kubinec who, along with drummer Bryson Graham, were found by a young keyboard player and future member of The Moody Blues and Yes, Patrick Moraz, and his bassist/cellist friend Jean Ristori. If it sounds like a minor supergroup, well, it is as Bryson Graham went on to play with Spooky Tooth and Gary Wright and Ristori became a mastering engineer of note, working with many of the bands this music reflects. The unique combination of these musical gents generated some compelling and heady sounds that turn out to be a tremendous find. Though labeled "progressive rock", the truth is that Mainhorse Airline on these lost tapes from 1969/1970 prove a wonderfully psychedelic/progressive band with some heavy pop leanings. "What The Government Can Do For You" seems cut right out of 1960's San Franciscan rock while "Blunt Needles" recalls The Blues Magoos seeking out the heavier sounds of The Amboy Dukes. A Kubinec/Moraz composition, "The Passing Years", is heavily influenced by early Deep Purple by way of Procul Harum, but it's the colours of British psychedelia that is the frosting which makes the mix most engaging. Pale Sky is a paradox in a bit of a quandary. It could be the U.K. Kaleidoscope, The Small Faces or The Electric Prunes, a delightful combination of sixties psychedelia swirling through the speakers with an adventurous Moraz building eerie sounds that complement Kubinec's vocals perfectly, perhaps Eddy Pumer and Peter Daltrey's U.K. band Kaleidoscope influencing the music within, their Brit rock psychedelia edge added to this experimental progressive concoction. Read more here:

#33 David Kubinec

The glorification of fanatics who attempted to hijack religion and Rock & Roll – and create a not-so-subtle hybrid of the two – thankfully, hasn’t gained much ground. That’s the good news. Sure, Guns N’ Roses thought it was funny to record a Charles Manson tune for their The Spaghetti Incident – the album itself with gravy as a bloody sight, perhaps their idea of toning down The Beatles “Butcher” cover, with both The Beach Boys and Marilyn Manson using elements of Charles Manson’s musical efforts (such as they were) for their own purposes…yet it was The Beach Boys who first worked with the psychopath before he and/or his followers went on their killing sprees. Which brings us to David Koresh. These well-done documentaries sure are intriguing looks at major events culled from the news media, but at the end of the day the “media gone wild” aspect is what brought these individuals the attention they garnered, not talent. Both Koresh and Manson manipulated those around them and both of these so-called “leaders” were at the center of some catastrophe. So what does it say when sensationalism takes the place of talent? Read more here:

#35 Lisa B. Burns Unadorned

lisa b burns : Unadorned

#36 Nils Lofgren DVD





Monday, June 14, 2010

Top 40 for June 2010...a work in progress

Here's my list of reviews and such...



Courtesy image

The Bank Of America Pavilion will host Jethro Tull and Procol Harum on Tuesday, Jun 15, at 7:30 p.m. (EDT). Both British musical groups have strong followings in the Boston area and the combination of the two is something both fan bases will find inviting. Ian Anderson of Tull and Gary Brooker, the voice of Procol Harum, both spoke with the Winchester Star about the upcoming show and their current and past work.

By Joe Viglione/Special to the Star
Posted Jun 14, 2010 @ 01:44 PM

The Bank Of America Pavilion will host Jethro Tull and Procol Harum on Tuesday, Jun 15, at 7:30 p.m. (EDT). Both British musical groups have strong followings in the Boston area and the combination of the two is something both fan bases will find inviting. Ian Anderson of Tull and Gary Brooker, the voice of Procol Harum, both spoke with the Winchester Star about the upcoming show and their current and past work.

Back in Arlington High School in the early 1970s the "buzz" was on the bands coming over from the U.K., Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull garnering the chatter, that word-of-mouth - as did Black Sabbath, the groups all viewed as if from different genres but with blues as the base for their now very classic rock. It was very hip to have gone to a Jethro Tull concert in those early days, which is how I opened my conversation with one of the great figures of British rock, Ian Anderson.

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#2 Procol Harum

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Winchester Star


OK, it's not doing well up against The Karate Kid redux, but it is better than advertised. Good summer fun that is better than Tom Cruise's last two M.I. flicks...

Movie Review: The A-Team – The Inadvertent Sequel to Mission Impossible IV

by Joe Viglione June - 11 - 2010

a-team-mainAction. Loud noises as things blow up. Director Joe Carnahan puts the “bio” of the A-Team front and center as the film opens, and for those not familiar with the TV show that ran in the mid 1980s, the character development will be tough to follow at the onset. There’s no “Mr T” larger-than-life figure, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson playing the role of Bosco Albert B.A. “Bad Attitude” Baracus (Jackson of some UFC and WWF fame), Liam Neeson as Hannibal, a cool choice for new audiences (George Pappard would be 79 this year, having passed on at 65 in 1994)…Battlestar Galactica’s Dirk Benedict IS 65 this year and his Lieutenant Templeton “Faceman” Peck is played by the 35 year old Bradley Cooper, who was probably eight years old when the show originally aired on television.

Cooper, from He’s Just Not That Into You and Nip/Tuck, was supposed to appeal to the chicks, but according to the chicks didn't show up to this heavily male, over 25 audience grabber - read more here:


RETROSPECTIVE: Charlie Farren Live at the Regent Theater

by Joe Viglione June - 12 - 2010

Charlie FarrenJourneyman Charlie Farren’s love of his craft is obvious on this DVD, Retrospective: Live At The Regent Theater, which comes in a deluxe package with an accompanying CD.

The project started with an idea from videographer Bob Boyd, the fellow who taped Joan Jett, til tuesday, The Stompers, John Lee Hooker and others. Boyd met with Charlie Farren for lunch and discussed his idea…and now it is a reality covering the highlights of Farren’s storied career.

The audio is superb on the CD…you can hear all the instruments while Charlie’s strong-as-ever vocals cut through on “Love Street” and opening track “Nobody’s Somebody”

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#5 Peter Noone's new book! I wrote the foreword


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The photos here portray the relentless Peter Blair Noone in a variety of roles, while others are scheduled for another book. So if you don't see Peter performing "Oh You Pretty Things!" on the BBC with songwriter David Bowie (nee Jones) at the piano in a dress, or the artist working next to Joel Goldstein, son of Planet of The Apes soundtrack genius Jerry Goldsmith (with Noone performing the title track of the Kirk Douglas film from 2000: "Diamonds"), ...or busily writing one of the 41 of his own compositions listed on the BMI worldwide site...or if you don't get to view Phyllis Diller introducing the Hermits on Hollywood Palace, you will get a glimpse of Peter on Broadway in Romance, Romance and as Frederic in Gilbert & Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance.


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#7 Jimmy Miller / Rolling Stones

Remembering the man behind EXILE ON MAIN STREET

#8 Essential Carole King - a review

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#10 New article in the Medford Transcript

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Classic Albums: John Lennon - Plastic Ono Band


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Going Track By Track with Exile On Main Street

Track by Track song by song reviews by Joe Viglione

May Top 40 Mare Winningham, Planet of the Apes, Andy Mendelson

  Happy Birthday Mare! Years ago Mare Winningham and her husband saw me at the Paradise Theater in Boston, a club I booked for many years....