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Top 40 for October

#1  Ian Hunter When I’m President

by Joe Viglione on September 20, 2012
Post image for Ian Hunter When Iā€™m President On September 3rd I reviewed the wonderful title track of this album, and seventeen days later Mr. Hunter is scheduled to be on my TV show, Visual Radio Live, 8:00 PM carried on  We’re going to explore his album in depth, but right now, here are my immediate thoughts.
“Comfortable (Flyin’ Scotsman)” has a roller coaster “Brown Sugar” ride resplendent in that classic style familiar to Mott The Hoople fans around the globe.  The Rolling Stones may have been exiled on Main Street back in the 1970s but as Ian Hunter crafts album after album with solid songwriting his musical essays are expanding the original vision while

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2) The Doors Blu Ray  Live at the L.A. Bowl plus Bonus Tracks

3) Gregg Turner Plays the Hits

4)Genya Ravan  new CD

5)The Yardbirds live at Tupelo Hall

6)Steve Gilligan  JACOB'S WELL

Jacob's Ladder could only mean Jacob needed a well to climb up from.

7) Music Review: Spot Mary Full Of Grace – Joey Ammo

by Joe Viglione on October 18, 2012
Post image for Music Review: Spot Mary Full Of Grace ā€“  Joey Ammo Arlocor Music has released a 5 song maxi-CD from Joey Ammo, recorded at  New Alliance Audio in Cambridge.  It is a terrific outing from the former lead singer of Boston area legend Birdbrain in a nice compact package rife with the obligatory religious overtones.   Opening with a quick burst of “Love Me”, in all its glorious two minutes and fifty seconds, the authoritative riff brings Seattle-styled alt rock to this era with the gritty determination that was such a big part of Birdbrain. The unrequited love hook is followed by Badfinger/Eric Clapton/Cream kinda jangles.  Mike Davy and Ammo are a charging guitar duo with lines that flourish, Davy and Alan Ferix (bass) also adding great vocal harmonies.  READ MORE HERE:

8)Etta James 

9)Rod Stewart

10) The Doors  Story of L.A. Woman

11)The Rolling Stones Under Review: The Ronnie Wood Years 

12)The Doughboys

13) Some Girls Live in Texas  The Rolling Stones

14)Muddy Waters and The Rolling Stones

15) Review: The Complaints Trade Up

by Joe Viglione on August 16, 2012
Post image for Review: The Complaints Trade Up Dean Petrella sings “Trade Up” with an exuberance that’s been missing on so many recordings being issued both independently and by record labels (not to mention those forced on us by corporate radio.) The second surprise here is that this great little song is all that is on the CD single; a relentless onslaught of the clever words and compelling music keeps your attention focused on one fantastic tune as it spins in the car stereo.
It’s probably my favorite single since Marilyn Manson’s “The Dope Show”, though a lot more uptempo and exhilarating . Listening to this Rhode Island group’s music for over a decade (see my reviews on Rovi / ) all I can say is that I wish more artists would go back to the single as a way of garnering attention. “Trade Up” has all the elements: great production, a passionate vocal and a band, the Complaints, that hit it out of the park. Just superb.

16) Stephen Day  Namaste  3 song E.P.
2)Top of the Stairs
3)11th & Montana

"Namaste", the song, is a nice one-word chant - a bit simpler than Jim Pepper's underground classic  "Witchy Tai Toe"  It's a driving four minute and fifty-one second essay with Indian instruments, Rolling Stones bassist Darryl Jones, and Stephen Day's very clever and matter-of-fact vocals which work as effectively as David LaFlamme and It's A Beautiful Day's iconic "White Bird", though Day's voice is more appealing, as is the psychedelic guitar that kicks in during the last minute as the orchestration fades.  As wonderful as that track is my fave has to be "Top of the Stairs". The EP was recorded in Delhi india and in three different studios in Hollywood and the production is reminiscent of The New Radicals  1999 hit "You Get What You Give"  

A lilting "na na" over the swirling instruments and voices that go counter to the melody make for an extraordinary listening experience.  Very nice indeed.    "11th and Montana"could show up in a Neil Young movie, on the back of a wooden house on the farm with what sounds like a ukulele or banjo, low key Simon & Garfunkel with a solid backbeat.   The 3 song sampler oozes with professionalism and fun, great stuff.

17) The Who Live in Texas '75

18) Jonathan Ellinghaus  
     Leave It All Behind

19) Alison Gaylin  INTO THE DARK


21) Gary Private

22) Tom Green  Inside / Outside The Box 


23) The Demo that Got the Deal for the YARDBIRDS with Jim McCarty
John Lee Hooker's "Boom Boom"

24) Karen Grenier  October 26, 2011  
   on Music Closet with Joe Viglione       

25)Twin Berlin interviewed by Visual Radio's Joe Viglione on The Music Closet

 Twin Berlin August 15, 2011

26)AWAITRESCUE  May 22, 2012 Interview



March 7, 2012

Interview  1:07 - 1:26:53 on video

Interview with Joe Viglione at conclusion of video

29) Lights Out
Spencer Abraham

30) Stratospheerius    Headspace


32) Eric Lilljequist on Visual Radio

Full 55 minute Eric Lilljequist Interview on Visual Radio Live with Joe Viglione 9-27-12


34) Suzanne Vega on Visual Radio talking about The Passionate Eye

35)Tom Hauck  of The Atlantics
 "Cool Running"  from the CD Pistonhead

"Cool Running" performed & written by Tom Hauck, live on Visual Radio 5-24-12

36)Matt Hilton  Judgment and Wrath

37)J.K. Rowling

38) Jennifer Weiner

39)Neil Sedaka

40)Gary Schutt

Music Review: Gary Schutt – Puppets in Symmetry

by Joe Viglione on October 13, 2012
Post image for Music Review: Gary Schutt ā€“ Puppets in Symmetry In The Pink was a popular Boston area group and their bassist was (for a limited time) Berklee graduate Gary Schutt. With Puppets in Symmetry Schutt blasts an all out pop/rock assault that hearken’s back to late 80s metal, though heavy on the misogynistic tendencies. “Psycho Bitch” is as much fun as it is politically incorrect, head bangers will find its core – a man being physically abused by his girlfriend – a good back atcha that will have Dr. Phil scratching his head with worry. It’s hard to say it’s all in good fun as the guy is emotionally and physically wounded by his chosen one not being stable enough to be with him “forever”, as the song promises. Domestic abuse is front and center these days and if the song emerged out of a personal experience the protagonist has chosen an angry audio assault for his therapy rather than, well…therapy!Read more here:

Thank you, Cindy Cantrell

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Spot Mary performed the same night as the author of this review, full disclosure

Gary Sohmers Roar's Back March 8 with Collectibles Show, To Jah Nature Ellis, Tom Hambridge New CD, Keith Richards Waiting for the Man, Sean Walshe American Son, Clive Davis with Anthony DeCurtis

Top 10 1)Gary Sohmers 2)Tom Hambridge 3)Nature Ellis  4)Keith Richards "Waiting for the Man" Lou Reed's Birthday 5)Sean Walshe...