Saturday, March 05, 2005

March 2005 Joe Vig's Top 40

Welcome to Joe Vig's Top 40 for March 2005. This is a collection of books, music, movies and other cultural artifacts that come across my desk.

1)"Roll Away The Stone" from Strings Attached
Artist: Ian Hunter

One of my favorite Mott The Hoople tunes returns in a glorious new rendition, a superb song of resurrection, regeneration and re-birth!

2)"Consider Me" from the album Shadow & Splendor
Artist: Stacie Rose

Stacie is immense. 2002's THIS IS MINE is a hard record for anyone to top. The artist makes strategic moves and evolves with strong songs and performance. Here's my previous review of
This Is Mine

3"Buy Me A Rainbow" 3:30 from the album UNADORNED 2005
Artist: Lisa Burns

Check out my review of her self-titled 1978 album

4)"Love" from the album LOVE IS A VERY GOOD THING
Artist: Jules Ellison

Fabulous re-make of John Lennon's song from PLASTIC ONO BAND. Fender Rhodes with the "I Am The Walrus" riff and a tremendous reading from Jules.

5)If You Knew" from the album "It Might As Well Be Now"
Artist: Thaddeus Hogarth

5b)"Inner City Fantasy" - wonderful track - for those who miss Sly Stone's innovative vocals, check out Thaddeus.

Funky pop with crystal clear production.

6)"Here Comes Your Boyfriend" time 4:21
Artist: The Buckners Written by Luke McInnis

7)Sharon DiFronzo

8)"Continental Drift" from the album "I Know What You're Made Of"
Artist: P.J. Shapiro

9)"Light Of The Moon"
title track from "Light Of The Moon" CD Video on DVD "Light Of The Moon"

R.I.P. Jack Stock. We received his DVD for this tune "Light Of The Moon" a couple of weeks before Mr. Stock's tragic passing.

10)"Diamonds Are A Girls' Best Friend" Swing Cats Remix (Hypnotic Records)
Artist: Marilyn Monroe from the album Marilny Monroe's Greatest Hits Remixed

11)3 song Demo
Artist: Elephant House

12)"For Better or For Worse"
Artist: Averi

Artist: Kinnie Starr

14)Are You My God
Artist: Arms Of Kismet

15) High X 3
Artist: John Cate

16) "Off My Feet" from the album INDIGO ROSE
Artist: Mary Gatchell

Produced by Peter Calo, this is a fantastic song about what someone needs in a potential life partner.

17) "Worn Around The Edges" from "All The Girls I Am"
Artist Jeannie Kendall

Jeannie Kendall records a Harriet Schock nugget, and does an excellent job with it.

18)"Troubled Times" from the CD "Troubled Times"
Artist: Holcombe Waller

19) Bound For Glory
Artist: Tokyo Tramps from the album Bound For Glory

20)"Don't You Care" from the album ALICE CLARK
Artist: Alice Clark

A classic written by Bobby Hebb, this CD is a re-release of the classic Mainstream album from the early 1970s. It is the only known version of Hebb's composition currently available. Even the publishing demos seem lost! A treasure.

21)"Back In The Day" from Cosmic Troubadour
Artist: Billy Sheehan

Check out my review of the full album from

22)"Who Is This Guy"? from the CD Will Hunt (ex Angry Young Bees)
Artist: Will Hunt

23)"Waiting Here For You" from the CD Mended
Artist: Mike Rivera

An elegant folk tune with breathy guitar and piano and a nice vocal urgency.

24) Book: What's A Parent To Do: Straight Talk On Drugs And Alcohol
Author: Dr. Henry David Abraham

Nobel Peace Prize winner is right on in regards to keeping your kids off drugs.
Upcoming guest on

25)"Hell Tonite" from the album HELL TONITE
Artist: Thundertrain

26)BOOK: Wrestle Radio U.S.A. Grapplers Speak
Authors: Ed Symkus & Vinnie Carolan

Ed Symkus is known as a rock music critic for The Boston Tab. He has a double life - having hosted a wrestling radio program Wrestle Radio U.S.A. - now in book form from

27)Book: John F. Kennedy: His Life & Legacy
Author: Shelley Sommer

May Top 40 Mare Winningham, Planet of the Apes, Andy Mendelson

  Happy Birthday Mare! Years ago Mare Winningham and her husband saw me at the Paradise Theater in Boston, a club I booked for many years....