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March 2019 Jon Butcher, Nils Lofgren, Artful Candid, Blue Manic, Loose Ties "The Last Time" and more!

The Joe Vig Top 40 Dot Com 


1)Attitude City                  Nils Lofgren   (Lofgren/Lou Reed)
2)Exipotic                          Artful Candid (from Denmark)
3)360º                            Jon Butcher
4) SPECTORS                  Visiting Wine
5)The Beaudoin                Blue Manic
6)Subtle and Serious        Smitt E Smitty
7)Absolute Crime              Greg Parquette
8)The Last Time                Loose Ties

9)Fall of Man
   To Write you A Song      Eric Lee

10)The Swell                                              Steve Dennis
11)Engage                                                 The System Drive
12)Multi Man                                              Elsewhere
13)Hidin' Out on Titan                             Scott Damgaard * Pick to Click
14)Your Working Boy                               Mobile Steam Unit
15)Revival Time (original version)          Jack Phillips
16)Friday At The Beach on Christmas   Joe Rich
17)Be Who You Are                                  Stacie Rose
18)Flyin' Home                                          Cindy Latin
19)Fight                                                      When Particles Collide
20)Back In The Saddle                             Jada Tringale
21)Romance                                              Hummingbird Syndicate
22Wild Angel                                              Nelson Slater23                                         
24Everything But Peace                          3D  Boston Classic
25)Higher Love                                         Whitney Houston
26)Death Child                                         The Jabbers
27)Don't Kick Me                                                             Gary Santarella and Ditto
28)Buried in the Sand                                                     Empty County                                   
29)Oh Lord / Burnin' Her Out                                         
Louder Than Milk
 30)                                                                                      Ken Selcer
31)                                                                                       Steve Gilligan
32)The View                         The Complaints
33)Hogg Tail Twist              Jesse and the Hogg Brothers
34)Faraday                           Phil Darosa
35)Sounds of the Sea           Pamela Ruby Russell
36)Eyes                                 Fire in the Field
37)Armageddon                  Joe Black
38)I Am What I Am           Gloria Gaynor
39)Remember Me               Diana Ross
40)Island Girl                      Elton John 

#1 song
Listen to Nils Lofgren and Lou Reed's Attitude City
attitude city    - song on Soundcloud on this link:

Peter Calo   Elephants

photo by Cason Jorey

Joe Viglione started his own magazine, Varulven, at the age of 15. Since then he has written over ten thousand essays/reviews, interviewed over a  thousand guests (Jodi Foster, Robert Zemeckis, Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks, Ray Manzarek of the Doors, etc. etc.) has performed onstage from 1973 to present.   Included here are some writings from AllMusic .com (2000-2009, 5,000 biographies, reviews etc in 9 years) - he's considered by The Boston Globe to be "Boston's hardest working underground impresario" (Steve Morse,) and by Oedipus of WBCN to be "The hardest working man in Boston Rock & Roll" (at a dinner at Benihana (when it was in Boston) with Pete Shelley)

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This postcard I produced in the late 1970s was iconic.  We put it at the back of the Paradise Theater (one of the bouncers enamored of it) and suddenly dozens of bands put their photos up around mine.
I still have the World's record for performing in Paradise, 49 times.
The back of the postcard had my "Garage Record Of the Year" award from the Real Paper and a list of key college radio stations.   People loved it.  One DJ had my postcard's radio station side posted next to his telephone.

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1)Attitude City                  Nils Lofgren   (Lofgren/Lou Reed)
2)Exipotic                          Artful Candid (from Denmark)
3)360º                            Jon Butcher 
4) SPECTORS                  Visiting Wine
5)The Beaudoin                Blue Manic
6)Subtle and Serious        Smitt E Smitty

7)Absolute Crime              Greg Parquette
8)The Last Time                Loose Ties
9)Fall of Man
   To Write you A Song      Eric Lee

10)The Swell                      Steve Dennis 
11)Engage                          The System Drive
12)Multi Man                    Elsewhere 

13)Hidin' Out on Titan     Scott Damgaard * Pick to Click

14)Your Working Boy                               Mobile Steam Unit
15)Revival Time (original version)          Jack Phillips
16)Friday At The Beach on Christmas   Joe Rich
17)Be Who You Are                                  Stacie Rose
18)Flyin' Home                                          Cindy Latin
19)Fight                                                      When Particles Collide
20)Back In The Saddle                             Jada Tringale

Albums and Song Reviews below in no particular order 

21)Romance                               Hummingbird Syndicate
22Wild Angel                             Nelson Slater
23)Oh Lord/Burnin Her Out   Louder Than Milk

24Everything But Peace     3D  Boston Classic

25)Higher Love                   Whitney Houston
26)Death Child                    The Jabbers
27)Don't Kick Me               Gary Santarella and Ditto 
28)Buried in the Sand        Empty County                                     
29                                          Feed the Kitty
30)                                         Ken Selcer
31)                                         Steve Gilligan 
32)The View                         The Complaints
33)Hogg Tail Twist              Jesse and the Hogg Brothers
34)Faraday                           Phil Darosa
35)Sounds of the Sea           Pamela Ruby Russell
36)Eyes                                 Fire in the Field
37)Armageddon                  Joe Black
38)I Am What I Am           Gloria Gaynor
39)Remember Me               Diana Ross
40)Island Girl                      Elton John


Peter Calo   Elephants ______________________________________________

Band: Artful Candid

Artful Candid, a trio from Vejle,   Denmark
formed in 2016, have a new release, "Exipotic on Spotify and many other platforms. "Exipotic" has elements of rock, a touch of trance, hypnotic guitars with nice instrumental interludes, very catchy.

An article in the Pharmeceutical Journal states "An even more obscure synonym is exipotic, from Greek éxpotikós, from éxipoûn, to squeeze out. The word is so arcane that you are unlikely to find it in your 21st century dictionary. But it had its use in the mid-19th century and it might be fun to revive it."
The three bandmates, Kristian Plaugborg - Lead vocals, Guitar,  Jakob Zülow - Lead guitar, Vocals, William Wiese Lehmann - Drums, Vocals  squeeze out every nuance - a melodic vocal chant, cascading phasing chords and notes and an entertaining three minutes and twenty-one seconds you'll want to play repeatedly

Artful Candid

Artist:  Visiting Wine
Song: SPECTORS  Track 3
released July 23, 2018

    A distinctive album cover reflects the magical music inside, ten tracks that are perfectly performed and produced, with impeccable voicing and lots of enthusiasm.

     The haunting "Spectors" - somewhere between Jonathan Richman's "Astral Plane" and Gary Wright's "Dreamweaver," - light, delicate yet still active with energy.   The live version from the Burren  takes the smooth studio take up a level.  It's Fleetwood Mac in a Celtic mood embodying both desire and fulfillment.  Each tune on the album is worth a visitation.

Spectors YouTube by Visiting Wine




Artist: Smitt E Smitty
SONGS: Fez-a-Licious / Subtle and Serious

Full disclosure, Smitty played drums in a band with this writer at the C-Note in 2017, but I found the CD free at Blue Bag Records 2325 Mass Ave Cambridge on the Arlington line...and it is terrific.  Even if I didn't know legendary Smitt E Smitty this CD would knock me out.  The first two tracks are driving and repeatable repeatable repeatable "Subtle and Serious" at 1:38, shorter than the Letter by the Box Tops, the way I like 'em, and at 4:27 the equally driving "Fez-a-Licious" the same zoned-out locomotive mayhem one expects from someone who beats on drums...superb!

Born and raised in Detroit. Moved to Boston in 1985. Played in The Blind, Zero Ambience, L-seven and Figures on a BeachMoved to Boston in 1985. FOAB got signed to Sire/Warner Records and released product until the early 90s. FOAB disbanded 1991. Smitty joined Chainsuck until 1999. Smitty played in Fireking until 2017. Smitt E. Smitty is all Smitty, all the time.   less


Artist: Blue Ribbon
Song: If You

The Blue Ribbon 7 song e.p. album Pride - and I'm thoroughly impressed with the tracks that I had a chance to listen to, "If You," "Settle," "Little Things" and "The Different Boy," resplendent in its "liquid guitar" kinda sorta that Vinnie Bell made famous - morphed with some Dick Dale, really nice.

"If  You" caught my ear, a ballad with strumming and a mini-shuffle, reminiscent of L.A. band Feed the Kitty, and that's a good thing.   Song has a sweet ebb and flow, and ascends nicely.  But "Settle" really grabbed me, nice changes, excellent feel, and eerie riff in the background.

"Nrg" is another terrific selection, they pop up on Spotify.  Give a listen


page edited by Joe Viglione, 6 year old child prodigy

P.O; BOX 2392
WOBURN, MA 01888


Get the E.P.  here:


360º  is an explosive title track from a master craftsman, Jon Butcher, and it is already my favorite song of the month...exquisite, stunning...melodic, pensive,'s got all the right elements.  Jon updates the pop guitar magic from the sixties into something 2019 audiences need to hear and relish.   At 2:23 it's a quick and tasty statement, like "The Letter" from the Box Tops which clocked in at 1:52 or 1:58 or the voice from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, Doris Troy's magnificent "Just One Look" (2:28)

Video  Part 2 360º




The Jabbers
Death Child

One minute and forty-two seconds of the rockabilly "Death Child," is nothing something that you would expect from GG Allin and the Jabbers.  Lead guitarist Rob Basso does the vocals with G.G. Allin on drums.  A pulsating bass line plays front and center with delightful guitar work splashing itself all over this deli platter.  It sure sounds like "Said Child of death, King of Doom, I've been Okinawa since I left the womb," or perhaps "I've been rocking out," in any event it's a Lady Mondegreen (mis-heard lyric,) and it works just fine.
"Automatic" is a fun pop rocker with the "F" word tucked quickly inside.  "Don't go playing with me emotionally/or I will make you bleed internally" is not something that the #MeToo movement will embrace, with a flavor that could have been in a battle of the bands on the Monkees TV show, or - perhaps -  their movie Head.  Musically this is very fun and - just perhaps - GG's onstage antics helped as much as hurt this song getting more exposure.   Class A expletive with a big F you from the backing vocalists.  Very cool.


Song: Your Working Boy
Artist: Mobile Steam Unit
Time: 2:29

        With undeniable Beatles' keyboards Mobile Steam Unit re-craft the song that was often played on Pop Explosion, this writer's radio program, is re-issued on Spotify with a thicker, more polished emphasis on its original theme.  The original from 2013 also clocks in at 2:29, and is condensed, the clever interplay between the instruments tucked deeper into the grooves.  That rendition is found on their disc Not In Service available on Bandcamp

       This version sparkles with production elements hitting you in the face, and the sometimes smooth and sometimes chaotic instrumentation works on every level.      

        Pop, funk, groove and some jazzy fragments from The Beatles "You Know My Name (Look Up The Number,) seeping into the last ten seconds of this recording, really tremendous.


       On Spotify it segues quickly into "Less Texting," which I can relate to given my alleged significant other's activities, and not only that, a former girlfriend of another friend of mine.  It's a no brainer that "Less Texting" is something needed in our current society, on a world-wide level.

       The Mobile Steam Unit 2019 e.p. on Spotify - including Less Texting, Sex With O.S., Are You Ever and this new "Your Working Boy" is a terrific four slices of MSU at their best.

See video of Your Working Boy



Artist: Blue Manic
Song: The Bedouin

        Blue Manic come back heavier than before with "The Beaudoin" off of their eponymous 10 selection Blue Manic album, the follow-up to the 5 song V-32 
      So what have vocalist Max, guitarist Mike, drummer Corey and bassist Jared been up to ?
Getting heavier with a neo Black Sabbath pounding grunge on a song about - at least by the dictionary definition:
a nomadic Arab of the desert. 
"an encampment of Bedouin on the edge of the desert" 
relating to the Bedouin. 
"a Bedouin song about a desert journey"

   "What's it like to be caught in the middle" sounds like the melody to Aerosmith's "Last Child" with a kinda sorta Steve Tyler line from "Walk This Way" - "Singin' hey diddle-diddle with the kitty in the middle" - but that's OK, Aerosmith AND their idols, The Rolling Stones, nicked more than a few notes and words.   The song plows along like a bulldozer and is lots of fun with electra-glide-in-blue guitar lines and a menacing advance.



Single Stone CD - Greg Paquette February Calendar 2019 Plus Song of the Day - Greg Paquette

February Calendar  2019


Artist of the Day  Greg Paquette
 The Track "Absolute Crime" from the Single Stone CD recorded by Greg Paquette is a folksy, dreamy, lilting number and at 4:24 is the third shortest track on this 10 song album. The band features Joey Hovey on drums and percussion, Greg Paquette on guitars, Jake Miracle vocalist and Kevin Megaldino on bass.  It's a sterling production with a strong choir behind the chorus, it's catchy and very radio friendly.   

Artist: Greg Paquette

Song: Absolute Crime
Album: Single Stone


by The Hummingbird Syndicate


'ENGAGE' (review in progress)
The title and first track 

The title song and first track of The System Drive's release on Bandcamp starts with an ominous Jaimie Lanes bass riff followed by sharp drums of Mark Podgurski and a guitar splash exploding into a riff-driven slide of hard rock.  Spitfire vocals from guitarist Mario Passi unload the story - it's truly a "system drive," and engage they do.  The voice is complemented by the guitar while the rhythm generates a solid platform for the controlled mayhem.   

Each of the eight tracks has something to offer and for a debut, it is very impressive. Recorded at Woolly Mammoth and produced by the band and Dave Westner
 Engage is the debut, full-length studio album from the Boston Hard Rock Trio, The System Drive.


released December 20, 2018 Mario Passi: Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar Mark Podgurski: Drums Jaime Llanes: Bass
Gino Caira: Additional Guitar on Learn How To Fall, State of the Union, Tugboat, What I'd Like and The Flow  Carolyn Blake: Piano on What I'd Like

Produced by Dave Westner and The System Drive
at Woolly Mammoth Sound in Waltham, MA. Logo design by Bart Gold.
©2018 The System Drive


by The System Drive


by The System Drive

The System Drive - Facebook

REVIVAL (original version)


Stacie Rose

It's a theme Whitney Houston embraced in "The Greatest Love of All," Sammy Davis Jr. with "I Gotta Be Me" and, of course, "I Am What I Am" - the Gloria Gaynor classic.

I love this song, "Be Who You Are" catch, perfectly produced pop music, it is so what radio listeners want to hear.  "Wish on a star..." - terrific backing  vocals cascade over the impressive lyrics and vocal.   If love is an ocean Stacie's "clinging to a raft" - great movement as the tune drifts on a musical river (get the raft and have some fun!)

***** Five stars.    Stacie has "the gift"
Hear it Be Who You Are:


NELSON SLATER with Jo Jo Laine on the cover as the S & M model

Jo Jo Laine cover photo by Mick Rock on Wild Angel
Jo Jo Laine photo by Molly Day, 1986, Los Angeles

Top media Tweet earned 445 impressions on Carved In Stone Media's Twitter account

Jo Jo Laine was in the original band The Firm with the fellow from Fancy, Ran Fenwick.
Urban legend has it that she let her good friend have the name God Bless Jo Jo, Rest in Peace dear lady!


Title:The Last Time
Band: Loose Ties
Produced by Fred Pineau

    Some people like to attempt to duplicate a song as is, while others work to embrace a melody and chord changes by rearranging a piece of music to their style and vibrations.   Loose Ties and Terry Kitchen do the latter by stretching The Rolling Stones Jagger/Richards composition (and a 1958 Staples Singer gospel cover according to Wikipedia) into a genre they call "Ska Crazy" - but the three minutes and thirty-one seconds go beyond ska into a mild funk and quasi-techno. The mix of genres is tightly would with great solid and insightful production from Pineau and an on-target performance from Loose Ties.  They are able to navigate licks and solos within that short span of time to keep your attention with this entertaining look at a classic Rolling Stones hit record.  From the Loose Ties revisited 1985 E.P. now available on iTunes, Spotify, etc. with studio and live bonus tracks.

The Last Time  Loose Ties

The Staple Singers



“The Swell” seems drawn from the musician’s time in Hawaii, a bit of Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground’s “Ocean,” in the minute plus opening.  I thought it would be an instrumental but the voice of Steve Dennis sings at 1:08 in over the simple strum and slow-motion splashing of the cymbal, a nice vibration that closes out in a most hypnotic way.  Along with being very musical the five songs elegantly capture feeling and heart in a beautiful and compelling way. 


TO WRITE YOU A SONG        from CD  Heartache Town

Two epics are “Fall of Man,” and “To Write You A Song,” the latter appearing on the previous collection as well. “Fall of Man” features Eric Lee – lead vocal, acoustic guitar, mandolin, baritone violin, electric fiddle, violins, electric guitar, Tracy Grammer – harmony vocal, Greg Greenway – harmony vocal, Matthew Thornton – cello, Jim Henry – electric lead guitar, Paul Kochanski – bass, J.J. O’Connell – drums, Brian Johnson – sitar – and the accompanists are listed straight from the press information to give a scope on how many different ideas and vibrations combine to give these story songs such lively brio and heart.

Eric Lee and Joe Rich on Visual Radio



I love hearing good xylophone / vibes from the Buzzy Linhart school of percussive piano sounds, best exemplified by Elton John's "Island Girl," a song not played enough on Classic Rock radio, go figure.

YouTube  Joe Rich - Friday at the Beach

40)Island Girl - Elton John

She's a big girl, she's standing 6'3, Turning Tricks for the Dudes in the Big City

What a great chorus, "He wants to take you, from the racket boss" - a song that is so sinister that you don't hear it, such a jubilant melody, incredible heart in the playing of each
musician, a true masterpiece that just doesn't get enough airplay.  One of Elton's very, very best.

So is "Healing Hands" - two songs that Classic Rock radio needs to discover and get hip to, a genre absorbed totally by consultants.  Hire me to consult, I'll give you the real perspective.

#39  Remember Me      Diana Ross
terrific extended mix


I deal my own deck Sometimes the aces sometimes the deuces It's one life and there's no return and no deposit One life so it's time to open up your closet


#12  Multi Man    from Elsewhere

The disc starts off with “Multi-Man,” a highly commercial slice of what the group calls “Progressive Punk.” Perhaps ‘progressive/alternative’ is more like it as the guitar, bass and drums all combine for a driving and smart pop tune which fluctuates from the music of Sparks, King Crimson (think “21st Century Schizoid Man” on steroids,) the Romantics, Rush and much more, all put into a mixer to come up with something fresh, new and exciting. “Multi-Man” is the PICK TO CLICK on the Top 40 this month of June, 2015. The full-length that starts the CD off is 5:09, the radio edit clocks in at 4;12 and concludes the disc.

#20  Back in the Saddle   Jada Tringale

19)Fight   When Particles Collide


Cindy Latin - Flyin' Home
Review By JV
This is such an uplifting song, it grabbed me immediately and had to play it again and again.  Cindy has knocked it out of the park with the exciting opening, superb keyboards and musical sounds that swirl around the background of this excellent production, with Latin's voice hitting notes all over the scale.  A song to put you in a good mood.  The Youtube 
Steve Bennett says "Love this song," while  Dee Baby notes "You killed it."
As Cindy sings the keyboard gives a splashy underscore - and the sounds coming out of her soul, just happy go lucky like you've just fallen' in love. Nice stuff.   Marissa Salazar writes "This is a beautiful music video. You look stunning."  See for yourself with the link above.

jan 28, 2019

Jack Phillips
Revival Time (original)

3d Boston Classic
Everything But Peace

Article by Joe Viglione

Getting the Word on Opioid Abuse Out Via Music and the Written Word

The dictionary defines peace as “freedom from disturbance; tranquility,” “a state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended.” 
To find such a place of “peaceableness, harmony, accord, concord, amity,  goodwill, friendship, cordiality, 
nonaggression, nonviolence” – the synonyms in the same dictionary – is what good souls and common-sense minded people strive to achieve.
The easiest thing to do is to give up, just let things happen as they do. But that’s not good enough for an enlightened society where John and Yoko preached in 1969 “All we are saying – is give peace a chance.”
How do we do as Lennon instructed in his song?  By books, videos, music spreading the positive message of love, peace and happiness, more than just waving a flag, rolling up the shirtsleeves and making it happen.
With Kate Genovese’s thought-provoking and important book, Hat Tricks From Heaven, there is the written word and library meets to start generating the conversation.  Boston band 3D, led by Rev. John Tamilio III, has the musical side covered with the 2/11/19 release of a powerful statement “Everthing But Peace.”  The band’s press release gives a solid overview of the composition:
“Featuring blistering guitar leads and thundering drums, the song captures the chaos prevalent throughout today’s world.  From political corruption to economic domination, from famine to homelessness, from war to the opioid crisis, “Everything But Peace” is a postmodern chronicle of growing global crises. Watch the video: 
It’s the final lines in the outro that put the opioid crisis front and center:
The pushers are all around us 
They’ve could be anyone you meet 
Our children are dying from overdose 
We’ve got everything but peace 
Our children are dying from overdose 
We’ve got everything but peace 
Our children are dying from overdose
Fifty years ago John Lennon asked the world to “give peace a chance.”  They should have listened.
Fifty years later Reverend John Tamilio is preaching that we’ve got everything but peace…it’s time
to really and truly give it – peace – that chance.
Words and music John Tamilio III  
Produced by John Tamilio III and Greg Dann. Dann also engineered.
John Tamilio on guitars, bass, vocals;  Jim Lindroth on drums
Words and Music by John Tamilio III
Performed by 3D
We’ve got criminals in office 
And politicians on the street
We’ve got children in Africa
Who haven’t any food to eat
We’ve got homeless people living on the street
We’ve got everything but peace
Prepubescents with weaponsAre fighting wars in the Middle East
A child fighting for Democracy
Is killed by the club of a beast
We’ve got people without clothes burning from the heatWe’ve got everything but peace
Wall Street rules the nation
Anarchy is ruling the streets
The pushers are all around us
They’ve could be anyone you meetOur children are dying from overdose
We’ve got everything but peace
Our children are dying from overdose
We’ve got everything but peace
Our children are dying from overdose

Louder Than Milk


Here's Some of Nils music on SOUNDCLOUD

Flip   Nils Lofgren


Night Fades Away   Nils Lofgren

YouTube video:

AllMusic Review by   [-]

If you combine portions of the titles of Neil Young's 1973 Time Fades Away and his 1975 LP with Nils LofgrenTonight's the Night, voila, you have Night Fades Away. Some erstwhile rock critic said that Neil's Time Fades Away is an album that reviews itself -- just erase the word "Time" and you have "Neil Young Fades Away." Lofgren has less to risk at this point in his career than his former musical cohort, and the LP is more about exploring styles and experimenting than a fully realized musical statement. Nils' disheveled five o'clock shadow and torn, stained shirt on the front and back covers give a glimpse of the musical image, though Skunk Baxter from Steely Dan, on guitar and production here, takes the opposite tack, employing the oh so professional name Jeffrey BaxterJeff PorcaroNicky Hopkins, and even Del Shannon (with vocals on his own "I Go to Pieces" ) all show up and bring their individual talents, though some of it gets lost in the thin sound Baxter crafts for his fellow guitarist.

NILS    eponymous LP

AllMusic Review by   [-]

"No Mercy," with special effects recorded at Madison Square Garden, has the sentiment of Simon & Garfunkel's "The Boxer." The double entendre being the rock musician oftentimes works on the same stage as the fighter, of course, punching away in the ring of life. Nils Lofgren is a veteran who has performed with Bruce SpringsteenNeil Young, and so many others, working here with producer Bob Ezrin who helped create Pink Floyd's The Wall. As with any great artist, Ezrin brings in his various contacts which color the recordings he makes, insuring a product that is as much the producer's as it is Nils Lofgren's. Dick Wagner co-wrote the hits "Only Women Bleed" and "You And Me" with Alice Cooper. Their "I Never Cry" gets a sequel of sorts as Wagner rejoins his former singer Lou Reed to compose "I'll Cry Tomorrow" -- Ezrin also brought Reed in to co-write some of the Kiss album The Elder, and all these recordings share a thread which is worth noting. With backing vocals and a big sound, "I'll Cry Tomorrow" is smooth and blends in nicely with this collection. Randy Newman's "Baltimore," with solid drumming by Alan Schwartzberg and a great hook, gets six minutes plus to play out. It's is fun to hear Newman's work put in this setting. Wagner and Lofgren write the semi-acoustic pop "Shine 


AllMusic Review by   [-]

Wonderland is a surprisingly commercial work from guitarist/vocalist Nils Lofgren, opening with a very catchy and impressive "Across the Tracks," followed quickly by the beautiful "Into the Night," which has flavors of Bruce Springsteen, though Lofgren's vocal is more precise and radio-friendly than his boss, the Boss. That's the strange thing about the music biz -- when a voice is superior and the music more commercial, it still takes a back seat to personality; listen to any hit song from Neil Young to verify that statement. And take, for example, the only cover here, Bobby Womack's classic "It's All Over Now." Everything's in tune, but the band sounds like it was programmed by a computer and Lofgren's vocal has none of the drive found in his originals. Indeed, he is again sounding like Springsteen on the very next track, "I Wait for You," which has that Springsteen swagger with Lofgren's to-the-point presentation. The excellent production by the singer along with his rhythm section -- bassist Kevin McCormick and drummer Andy Newmark -- is much more exciting than Jeffrey Baxter's thin sound on Night Fades Away or Newmark and Lofgren's co-produced effort, 1977's I Came to Dance, which had none of the snap, crackle, and pop found here. The title track reflects that observation perfectly. Interesting that on both those aforementioned albums the cover tunes are the most successful performances, while here the originals are what work and are among Lofgren's best, with superb sound to bring them to life.
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I Came to Dance
Nils Lofgren

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"I'm not Bob Dylan, but I never miss a beat" sings Nils Lofgren on 1977's I Came to Dance, a very polished collection of nine songs produced by the guitar virtuoso and drummer Andy Newmark. There are lots of backing vocalists. including Patti Austin on the title track. and three others, five years before she would hit number one with James IngramLuther Van Dross (with the last name Van Drossseparated on the inner sleeve) does the backing vocal arrangements and sings with a different crew on the five remaining titles, including on a cover of the Rolling Stones' "Happy," as well as Lofgren's own "Code of the Road" and "Happy Ending Kids." "Happy Ending Kids" and "Goin' South" are both so quirky they could've fit on an album by Boston '70s act Orchestra Luna, and as adventurous as that sounds on the surface, it is that innovation which holds the LP back. The music here is not as accessible as that on 1979's Nils -- the Bob Ezrin produced album -- or Flip from 1985. Everything is in tune, played to perfection, and without a bum note, but therein lies the problem. It's all too perfect when rock & roll needs a little mayhem. "To Be a Dreamer" is very studied progressive pop, not as ostentatious as the group Yes, but too borderline Toto for a guy who splashed brilliant guitar on music by rough-around-the-edges personalities like Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen.


Product Description
On "Sloe Gin," Tim Curry sounds like John Cale playing Lou Reed. That Reed guitarist Dick Wagner and producer Bob Ezrin are involved in Read My Lips, the solo debut from the star of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, should come as no surprise. Wagner's tastefully brilliant guitar on "Sloe Gin" underscores the melancholy vocal, and these journeymen are the perfect crew to work on this "film for the ear" sequel. Dick Wagner sounds very much like Nils Lofgren here, and Lofgren shows up playing accordion. It's a big cast and a big sound, but Bob Ezrin refines it all, keeping the large musical presence as subtle as possible. Perhaps the best compliment one can give this record is that it is almost back to Berlin, the brilliant Lou Reed recording, this time put in a commercial setting. Curry mutates from Cale to Mitch Ryder with his shouting in "Harlem on My Mind," then he mutates midsong to some '30s crooner. Since Berlin (the album, not songwriter Irving Berlin, who composed "Harlem") was the aforementioned film for the ear, it makes sense that some of the crew involved with that epic disc would do another such endeavor when the cat who performed in the ultimate cult film had an album to cut. The sheer drama of "Anyone Who Had a Heart" is the album's zenith, highlight, and treasure. It is so good it takes away from the beauty of the rest of the disc. It's Dr. Frank N. Furter dancing a waltz with Dionne Warwick trapped on the psychic network. It is brilliant. The Regimental Pipers and Drums of the Forty-Eighth Highlanders of Canada are superb, blending their marching-band sounds with Curry's unique voice -- halfway to Alice Cooper but detouring to Robert Goulet's house. This isn't Brian Eno's Portsmouth Sinfonia, nor is it Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk"; this is a mini-epic which should have at the very least appealed to the myriad fans of Berlin and at most sold millions of discs. A reggae version of Lennon/McCartney's "I Will"? It is reverent and works better than Lou Christie running through "If I Fell," to give just one Beatles cover comparison. As an interpreter, Curry is marvelous; he relishes this role as he did Rocky Horror. Roy Wood's "Brontosaurus" might be an oddity, but so is covering Joni Mitchell's "All I Want" or stretching Irving Berlin's "Harlem on My Mind." It's an amazing cast of rock & roll characters who come to the party: Lee Michaels on keyboards, Allan Schwartzberg on drums, and a record that should have been put on video. It works so much better than Bob Ezrin's Kiss venture, Music From "The Elder", and only goes to show that Lou Reed taught them well. Irving Berlin on the sequel to Berlin --- now that's very Lou Reed, and a very clever tip to the master. ~ Joe Viglione

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"Oh Lord"   b/w  "Burnin' Her Out"


'Oh Lord"  by Louder Than Milk

At three minutes and thirty-three seconds "Oh Lord" by Louder Than Milk traverses the worlds that Boston area groups The Only Humans, Four Point Restraints, Blame the Whiskey and duo Kenny Selcer and Steve Gilligan are fond of playing to and in.  "Burnin' Her Out" clocks in at 3:16 sounding like the Velvet Underground gone country with almost drunken fun backing vocals and controlled chaos.  It's great.


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