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Top 50 for MAY 2006

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Here are my Top Books, Films, DVDs, CDs, and pop culture for May of this year.
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Here's our Top 60 or so for May. Enjoy.
Joe Viglione
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1)Here There and Everywhere - Geoff Emerick

Wonderful book about the Beatles recordind their music by one of their main engineers. Music journalist Howard Massey does a fine job of letting the story flow.

As of May 8, 2006 I'm about 130 pages into the book and it is fascinating. A full review coming soon.


Great album by Ringo with his producer Mark Hudson (who also produced part of the
Ozzy Osbourne boxed set). Mr. Hudson taped for Visual Radio and that episode will be airing soon. Check out website for more details.

Ringo will be in Boston on July 19, 2006 at the Harborlights Pavilion (or whatever it is called now!)


3)Bobby Hebb "That's All I Wanna Know"

Here's a photo of Bobby Hebb & Ringo on the 1966 tour. For a picture of Bobby & the entire Beatles scroll further down on this site:

Liner Notes to THAT'S ALL I WANNA KNOW by Bobby Hebb

Fantastic collection of Louie Louie versions including original Richard Berry and Kingsmen takes, as well as songs that the hit inspired. Essential!

Check out this great Louie site:

5)Sky Saxon & The Seeds RED PLANET

6)The Wonder Stuff - Construction For the Modern Vidiot (All Movie.Com)


8)Gordon Haskell - The Road to Harry's Bar

9)The Toy Dolls Our Last DVD?

10)Louis Armstrong King Of Jazz DVD

A 60 minute documentary on Louis with archive footage of New Orleans and a
quick snapshot history of his life.

11)ACE OF HARTES CD 45 RPM Collection

12)Mr. Curt Ensemble ABILITY & DESIRE


When will they ever learn? From Mag IV go Monte Carlo to Thundertrain, the third lead singer of the Joe Perry Project (on vinyl, anyway, there may have been one or two more in concert) releases a MEET THE BEATLES cover parody with a band name that is the same as a New York group from the mid-90's. Oh well - Mach Bell needs to put records out under his own name. Great stuff including a cool cover of Alice Cooper's "Under My Wheels". This is where Joe Perry could've gone had he not re-joined Steve Tyler.

14)Phil Upchurch

15)Herb Ellis

16)Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin Bing Crosby HIGH HOPES

17)Louie Louie by Dickie Peterson
Hardcover: 408 pages
Publisher: Authorhouse (October 2005) Language: English ISBN: 142085609X


18)Abigail Zsiga "Home Again"

I can't resist putting Abigail Zsiga next to the Latin Abigail - after all - that's why the name change. Both artists are excellent and worth listening to. A review of this disc forthcoming.


19)ABIGAIL (Latin) Mi Estrella

20)Barefoot Servants 2



A dark journey from Mark Doyon at Wampus Multi Media. Interesting, well put together, but not the most entertaining disc from this creative mind.

23)John Tristao Big Hat, No Cattle

24)Stuart Smith Heaven & Earth

25)Freddy Fender Live at the Renaissance Center


27)Louie Louie Angel Corpus Christi (Gulcher)

28)The Middle Of Nowhere Circle II Circle

29)Essential Kerry Kearney

30)Peter Calo COWBOY SONG

31)Marilyn Monroe Greatest Hits Remixed


33)Burning Daylight Blake Morgan

34)Ever Since Leslie Gore

35)Hal Lifson's Music For Lonely Housewives href="">

36)The Remains featuring Barry Tashian Movin' On

37)Legends Live At Montreux 1997 Eric Clapton, David Sanborn Steve Gadd Marcus Miller, Joe Sample

38)M├Ągo de Oz (Wizard of Oz) Madrid las Ventas

39)Frank Sinatra Show with Ella Fitzgerald

40)Electric Ladyland - Classic Albums

41)Charged G.B.H. Live

42)Denny Laine "Send Me The Heart"

43)Audrey Ryan Band

44)People Is Beautiful Gays In The Military

The band NEW ENGLAND will be performing at this event - "Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya" was their big hit. Here are some reviews - if the links don't work go to and put "New England" in the search engine


Explorer Suite

Walking Wild

New England 1978


Heavy Mental THE FOOLS

Danny Klein (Biography)

or check out

Dale Bozzio Riot In English (Missing Persons)

Charlie Farren Biography




James Montgomery's High Roller

Chevalier Theater to host reunion of the band NEW ENGLAND

by Joe Viglione

Saturday, May 13th, at Medford's under appreciated gem, The Chevalier Theater, located at 30 Forest Street, will be the reunion of a Boston area quartet that hit the Billboard Top 40 in June of 1979 with their hit "Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya." Written by guitarist/vocalist John Fannon, the song owns a catchy and mesmerizing melody that was huge in these parts. Produced by Mike Stone who worked with Queen, Lou Reed, Journey, Foreigner and even George Carlin, along with Paul Stanley of Kiss, the band New England had a very good shot at the brass ring. Managed by Bill Aucoin and getting the opportunity to tour with Aucoin's top group, Kiss, gave the group a national platform.

Bassist Gary Shea and keyboard player Jimmy Waldo left the band to form a metal group known as Alcatrazz. Drummer Hirsh Gardner produced many a local band (full disclosure: some of his artists appeared on this writer's record label) and is now a manager at Daddy's Junky Music on Mass. Ave in Boston. When one thinks of the coordinates to get four fellows back onstage 27 years later, it makes the Chevalier event all the more special. In 2003 Gardner released his "Wasteland For Broken Hearts" CD on the Marquee label in Japan. You read that correctly. That disc contained two tracks featuring the members of New England - "More Than You'll Ever Know" and "Welcome Home." Both songs reminiscent of "Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya" and another New England staple, "Explorer Suite." That set the stage for a brief set last year at the Chevalier for a benefit concert called Music For Middlesex III. This year it is "Music For Middlesex IV" which includes Dale Bozzio and her new Missing Persons. The former Dale Consalvi went to Somerville High School before she became a Playboy Bunny, eventually marrying Frank Zappa drummer Terry Bozzio. With other Zappa alum joining their band, Missing Persons, they conquered MTV with the hits "Words" and "Destination Unknown" and found underground success with a cover of The Doors "Hello, I Love You" on the flip of one of their 45 RPMs.

Also on the bill is former Joe Perry Project lead singer Charlie Farren. Farren was signed to Warner Brothers after his stint with the Aerosmith guitarist when his own Farrenheit were big in this region. These days he releases some pretty amazing music on his own F-Man Records and packs Club Passim as a solo act.
Going from hard rock vocalist to a folksinger is a major leap and is but one example of how truly talented Charlie Farren is. His sets are always entertaining.

Danny Klein of the J.Geils Band showed up last year and is scheduled to appear again this year, as are legendary harp player James Montgomery and one of Boston's most entertaining groups, The Fools. All these artists had major label releases in the 1970s and 1980s and all of them are known for their high level of professionalism and consistency.

Sib Hashian, an original member of the band "Boston", is scheduled to be an auctioneer - one of the promoters having a penchant for for showboating. That aside, it should be a good night with plenty of music, and maybe Mr. Hashian will pick up the sticks and play the drums. No one else there, except for the musicians already slated to play, would be more welcome on the skins.

The Middlesex Human Services Page is a "non-profit, multi service agency" according to their website: This benefit concert is supposed to help Middlesex Human Services. According to their web page they oversee the operations of some fourteen programs. These programs offer a wide variety of services, including the following:

- Substance abuse recovery homes.

- Inpatient alcohol education &treatment for adults convicted of two or more OUI offenses.

- Shelter, food, & housing search assistance for the homeless.

- Drug & alcohol education &prevention for middle school & high school children.

- Preschool & school age child care.


As the event is a benefit concert the information on how much money Middlesex Human Services receives should be available from the attorney general's office. That information will be sought as a follow-up to this article.

The show is this Saturday night at :

Chevalier Theatre
30 Forest St.
Medford, MA 02155

Ticket prices are 15.00, $25.00, $50.00 and $100.00 has all the details.

Earlier in the day May 13th 2006 at WCAT in Wakefield there will be live performances from:

Hat Trick Chris Mascara
Grateful Ted
Paul Hultman
Yours truly doing "There's Nothing Like A Hit"
Mickey Spiros of ITMB
Sharon DiFronzo
Girl On Top

Also - July 22, 2006 we will be taping LIVE AT CLUB BOHEMIA - a new CD!
Featuring Hat Trick, Fox Pass, Paul Hultman, ITMB and Joe Viglione performing (you guessed it) "There's Nothing Like A Hit"

46)Ferron Turning Into Beautiful

47)Thaddeus Hogarth Live At Bose

48)Lynn Anderson Live At the Renaissance Center

49)Messenger of The Gods Mistheria

50)Imaginery Long Lost Pride

51)Milan Polak Dreamscapes


53)Speed Metal Messiah Joe Stump

54)All The Girls I Am Jeannie Kendall

Review by Joe Viglione

In a world where the singer/songwriter has taken empowerment to extraordinary sales and chart levels, few interpreters have had the opportunity to push someone else's message across with the same authority as the copyright holders. Veteran country-pop legend Jeannie Kendall in her first full solo album (her previous disc containing the final collaborations with Royce Kendall, her dad) issues a tremendous work of diverse and catchy music, an elaborately produced platform where her familiar and telling vocals deliver the goods as if she wrote each tune herself. The country sound longtime fans yearn for is here in "Just a Memory" and "Your Picture, Your Pillow and Me," material and performance that would make the venerable Kitty Wells proud. But just as traditional country & western has evolved, Kendall comfortably follows what is expected with a clever mix of AAA, Celtic, and on "Keep Us Warm," driving hard pop that somehow fits perfectly into this unique collection. Producers Mike Stults and Brian Fisher fashion contemporary sounds in their complex mix, instrumentation perfectly melting behind Kendall's sublime expression.

full review:

55)Ingrid Saxon "A Lot of Livin' To do"

56)Mama Kangaroos: Philly Women Sing Captain Beefheart

57)Opal Kevin Elkinson

58) Shadow & Splendor Stacie Rose

59)Ray Charles In Concert with the Edmonton Symphony

60)Ray Charles Live In Concert 1964

for more Joe Vig scribblings:


Lots and lots of stuff to chat about - including the new films "Inside Man", "The Sentinel" and "Mission Impossible 3". Boy does Tom Cruise need a makeover and quick. One can't help be influenced by all the stupidity in his personal life, such as it is, while watching this flick. And the sorority girl opening made it seem more like a film version of TV's "Friends" after the dynamic opening with Lalo Schifrin's immortal James Bond-style music. This film could be so much more.
It's a nice roller coaster ride, ho hum, you've seen it all before. Just something to do this weekend.

The above Yahoo article mentions that it is Tom Cruise's third biggest opening of his career,
yet it is the 57th biggest all-time opening. Close to 50 million isn't bad for a first week - so the film will definitely turn a tidy profit. Maybe Cruise should produce and put someone like Christian Bale


or Aaron Eckhart from SUSPECT ZERO

or both in the next Impossible Mission.

It would make sense. By the way, Jodie Foster was brilliant in "Inside Man", a great entre for Spike Jones into mainstream filmmaking. Stunning videography.
The Sentinel with Michael Douglas isn't a bad flick either - much better him being a Secret Service man pawing Kim Basinger than banging Anette Bening in The American President.

Whatever, Tom Cruise is a man desperately in need of a boyfriend. Look, here's proof. When you see me and a chocolate chip cookie you see pure chemistry.
When you see Zsa Zsa Gabor petting a pussycat you see pure chemistry. When you see Tom Cruise in bed with a beautiful woman you see absolute boredom. Get it. You don't need gaydar to see the guy is not having a good time doing heterosexual love scenes.


More Joe Viglione movie reviews:


Great men share May 8th as their birthday! And if you forgot that along with
Tony Blair and Alex Van Halen that it's mine as well, oh well!

May Top 40 Mare Winningham, Planet of the Apes, Andy Mendelson

  Happy Birthday Mare! Years ago Mare Winningham and her husband saw me at the Paradise Theater in Boston, a club I booked for many years....