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Top 40 for August - about to be unleashed 2015

   Sydney Greenstreet Band


Review by Joe Viglione

"Loving you is like Sherlock Holmes, a mystery every day…" sings vocalist Lance Doss, veteran of  six years on tour with Velvet Underground co-founder John Cale, sounding more like he spent that time with J.J. Cale on this bluesy, powerful, definitive song about a mystery woman and the relationship's inevitable conclusion.  The fluid melody, a second cousin to "Goin' Down" - Down, Down, Down, Down, bye, bye, bye, bye...good stuff.   "Sadie" is a nice combo of 38 Special, Wet Willie, Mark Farner as well as a strong dash of Ian Hunter's "Once Bitten Twice Shy."
These fellows know their influences and they wear them proudly on their sleeve here on their second disc, SGSB, the follow-up to the group’s debut, The MalL Tease Fall Can.  

At 5:15 "Divine" takes the listener on a slow journey, musically elegant with a superb vocal reminiscent of Allman Brothers and Atlanta Rhythm section.  Not to dwell on so many of the roots, but it is hard not to hearing so many familiar riffs tweaked in clever and inviting ways.  "Get It Back" takes a different direction, both guitars churning soulful struts over the impeccable rhythms of bassist

Paul Page - also of John Cale's band along with gigs for and with Dion, Popa Chubby, Ruth Gerson, Martin's Folly Gary US Bonds, Bo Diddley, Del Shannon, Ben E. King and resilient drummer Steve Holley.

Where "Bama Bounce" pulls "Sunshine of Your Love" sideways, with a voice out of the clouds of reservations from this country's native American past, "Some Things Ain't Never Gonna Change" is a pure Hendrixian  love fest.  Go to the three minute mark and hear  Jimi riffs and fills, with wah wah

and delightful drumming by Steve Holley as a sweet undercurrent.

"Payin' The Price" could be The Beatles "Drive My Car" gone blues while "My Pride" takes Aerosmith's "Same Old Song and Dance" and brings it to the world of Savoy Brown and Foghat. Not that it is a stretch, Ralph Mormon of Savoy Brown was lead singer for Joe Perry of Aerosmith's first solo album and this ensemble would be a perfect opener for "Smith any day of the week.

"Number" forges its own identity, multi instrumentalist / co-guitarist Justin Jordan bolstering the song's framework with intriguing patterns.  "One Good Kiss" and "Consumer," which concludes this disc, speak with power and glory, it's a blues buffet with touches of pop that has staying power and an encyclopedic understanding of the genres it traverses.


The Sidney Green Street Band story begins, of course, in a classic roadhouse in Northern New Jersey called the Great Notch Inn, where four prolific rock musicians……and the closest of friends, explosively deliver an exceptionally wide-ranging musical allure that infuses good southern rock ‘n roll with elements of rhythm & blues and jazz.

The Sidney Green Street Band is a guitar-band, plain and simple, featuring the best rhythm section in New York….or in the world for that matter. Guitarists Justin Jordan and Lance Doss are exceptionally agile guitarists; equally adept at channeling legendary slice of Quicksilver-era psychedelia as they are at evoking the bittersweet twin guitar harmonies of the Allman Brothers. The forceful syncopated drive of the rhythm section is the legendary Steve Holley (Paul McCartney, Elton John, Joe Cocker and Ian Hunter) on drums and Paul Page (Ian Hunter, John Cale, Dion, Gary US Bonds) on bass.

Vocalist Doss, born in bred in Alabama, brings a myriad of colors to the Southern based roots that form his foundation; rousing and rebellious.

Songs reflect some shared emotional states and narrative threads both real and imagined amongst the band members. “Payin' The Price” speaks to personal confession and “Some Things Ain’t Never Gonna Change” is as smooth and pure as emotional reflection can be while still looking ahead. “Sadie” which takes a detour to All Capp’s mythic hillbilly Dog patch, is an instant classic.

This kind of jamming requires a level of technical virtuosity and music literacy that only years of combined varicolored experience can produce. That is The Sidney Green Street Band.

Steve Holley-drums: A well respected member of the music community since the 1970's, Steve had his first brush with fame playing for Elton John. He was soon offered a chance to Join Paul McCartney & Wings. Having toured with Wings and played on the Back To The Egg album, Steve went on to tour and record with Kiki Dee, Joe Cocker, Jullian Lennon, Tommy Shaw,Dar Williams, Ben E King and Chuck Berry to name a few. He has been recording and touring with Ian Hunter for over 20 years and is currently the drummer in Ian Hunter's Rant Band.

. Bye Bye Bye
4:46 $1.99
2. Sadie
3:35 $1.99
3. Divine
5:15 $1.99
4. Get It Back
4:34 $1.99
5. One Good Kiss
4:46 $1.99
6. Bama Bounce
5:24 $1.99
7. Some Things Ain't Never Gonna Change
5:32 $1.99
8. Payin the Price
4:01 $1.99
9. My Pride
3:07 $1.99
10. Number
3:57 $1.99
11. Consumer
6:11 $1.99

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