Saturday, September 24, 2005

Top 40 for September

Music For Lonely Housewives (

Hollywood Records has the Desperate Housewives soundtrack which features new renditions of famous songs, even a bit of Mary Alice (Matrix 3) dialogue. But former manager of Jackie DeShannon follows up his SEX AND THE 60s (Varese Sarabande) with this delicious buffet including the rare version of "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. Heck, the 5th Dimension did an appearance to promote the disc!

2) "You Just Don't Get Me Do You?" Single from the Jeannie Kendall album,
"All The Girls I Am"
This single went to #1 on the New Music Weekly charts - it's a co-write from
Harriet Schock and Holly Mathis - and it is superb pop. I've let it spin
hundreds of times. Real staying power.

3) "Ever Since" Lesley Gore

Fantastic new record from Lesley Gore


4)FERRON Online

Gulcher Records has released a 12 song tribute to Lou Reed including songs
mostly written by Lou.
Our #1 record for July still on our charts.

6)BAND OF GYPSYS / Jimi Hendrix/Buddy Miles/Billy Cox
Though I've recently picked up 2 copies of the Polygram German import with the
3 bonus tracks (Stop, Foxy Lady and Hear My Train), MCA has reissued this classic
with a 24 page booklet and John McDermott essay as well as a cool psychdelic
imprint of Jimi in green and purple on the CD. Sounds great.

7)Approaching The West Pole By Flying Dutch Shoe - Tom Abbott
Tom Abbott is a member of THE WAYOUTZ - a band I've raved about for years.
This album is just superb!
8)Dave Davies TRANSFORMATION (Angel Air)
Huge booklet, awesome disc from Dave - the quality you expect from Angel Air

It's BOBBY EUSTACE of the band PARADE! He's back! WOW.
Incredible disc. Produced by David Minehan & WHACK.

This writer was the first person to produce Bobby Eustace. The song was "Bus", and
the late Jimmy Miller brought the tune to his wife. LISTEN TO THIS he said.
"Jimmy, this is fantastic" the late Gereldine Miller said.
"You like it?" Jimmy asked?
"I LOVE it" Gere said to her husband! Did you produce this?
"You really like it?" Jimmy asked again.
"It's great - where did you get it" Gere replied.
"Oh, it's something Joe Vig produced." Jimmy said with a twinkle in his eye.
His psychotic wife who chased me down the hall with a knife in her hand said "I HATE IT."

It was fantastic - and so is this!


10)Steven Mark Distraction

11)Mama Kangaroos Tribute To Captain Beefheart (Genus Records)

12)No One Like You - James Chiello

13)Thaddeus Hogarth LIVE AT BOSE
What an interesting record! Recorded LIVE AT BOSE! Mountain.

Former songwriter/guitarist/vocalist and general power behind Boston's legendary Heavy Metal Horns, Thaddeus Hogarth brings his creative music to a unique setting on his fourth album, Live At Bose. Recorded on June 24, 2004 at the Bose Live Music Technology Division Performance Center at Bose Mountain, Framingham, Massachusetts, this funk/jazz/pop sounds like a studio recording, which was the general idea. The sonics remind one of 70s classics like George Benson's Weekend In L.A. and Jackson Browne's Running On Empty and feature Hogarth's chromatic harmonica, smooth soulful vocals and boss band, a trio which includes David Buda on bass, David Sparr on keys and drummer Joey Scrima, whose resume includes work with Connie Stevens, David Benoit and British/American singer Jules Ellison.



by Joe Viglione

At any given moment one can find five to ten thousand Marilyn Monroe items on eBay, which is more than you may encounter for Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon, though thousands shy of Elvis. So it's no suprise that a dance-mix album featuring the chanteuse would emerge, and though not perfect, Marilyn Monroe Greatest Hits Remixed is a fun listening experience. The "Dreamer Remix" of "Kiss Me" would segue nicely with Esquivel and other purveyors of the space age Lounge set. Ditto for James Hardway's rendition of "Happy Birthday", perhaps the album's most experimental track, and the one that adds something unique and extra to the sparse Monroe audio catalogue. The "Swing Cats Remix" of "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend" is opportune in that it borrows heavy percussion from Adam Ant's 1983 single "Goody Two Shoes", which itself probably lifted the horn lines from Marilyn's original version of "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" from the 1953 film Gentlement Prefer Blondes. How will it sit with the Marilyn purists? Well -these tracks are entertaining - perhaps because they attempt to balance fresh sounds with the original recordings. "I Wanna Be Loved By You" has pleasant blends of the old and the new - vintage strings encountering synths - a definitely unholy marriage, but one that does amuse. There's lots here to recommend this disc, though "You'd Be Surprised" highlights the drawbacks. The groove here is totally recreated, the effect being that of something barging in rather than playing with the original work. Marilyn gets pushed into the background and the accompaniment starts to clutter, but for the most part Danny B. Harvey, Effcee and James Hardway (nee David Harrow) find a decent balance and do add something to Diva Marilyn's recorded output. "I Wanna Be Loved By You and "A Little Girl From Little Rock" deserve to be heard by new audiences, and find interesting new settings here.


Reviewby Joe Viglione

As authentic a dozen tunes any fan of The Remains could hope for find a niche in the digital grooves of Movin' On, Barry Tashian's distinctive voice picking up where he left off on the groups last full album which was, ah...1966??? Almost forty years in between releases sure beats the two years it took Sly Stone to get a new disc out during his heyday! but it's worth the wait as Vern Miller, Bill Briggs, Chip Damiani and Tashian deliver the goods. "You Never Told Me" and "Over You" could easily slip into The Eagles' repertoire, which is the dilemma for hardcore Remains fans who always wanted their heroes to sustain that launch that culminated in a tour with The Beatles and Bobby Hebb. And God knows The Eagles needed some real competition. "A Man's Best Friend Is His Automobile" showed up on Barry & Holly Tashian's 2002 release At Home and gets The Remains treatment here. Holly Tashian contributes backing vocals to the album, the group also augmented by Daniel Tashian on vocals, percussion and B-3 as well as Angelo on backing vocals, percussion and a co-write on "Don't Tell Me The Truth". Speaking of which, for those who loved "Don't Look Back", the 45 RPM which ended up on the original Nuggets before getting tagged onto the first Remains disc, opening track "Don't Tell Me The Truth" will satisfy their needs. "Listen To Me" is lots of fun as is the album closer, "Time Keeps Movin' On", resplendent in sounds towards the end of the tune that would make Lothar & The Hand People proud, but the standout and potential hit is "Hard To Find (So Easy To Lose)". "The Power Of Love" and "Ramona" both add to the legend, but it's "Hard To Love" which could open up this band to a larger and well deserved audience. As The Zombies tour, sometimes with Pete Best's collection of early Beatles music, the addition of Barry & The Remains would make a potent trio of artists from an era whose popularity will remain perpetual. is how to find this music if you can't locate it in the usual places.

Bobby Hebb "I received your e mail on The Remains, it's very good. I wish them good luck on that. I'll call Barry later after I talk to you. Peace." Phone call received 9/24/05.
Bobby toured with The Remains and The Beatles - I gave Barry and Bobby each other's phone #s and they played phone tag - but saw each other in a shoe store at the Nashville Airport!

Nancy Neon writes same day, 9/24/05
it was a blast reading all your remains,etc. reviews. i know barry is pissed about the eva bootleg, but that's where i got turned on to the remains-that and "better be good"(Rat album)and a shirt Willie was wearing when I met him(a home made why do i cry? shirt)...

16)Bruce Sudano Rainy Day Soul
Very good Blue Eyed Soul album

17)That's All I Wanna Know Bobby Hebb
Bobby has recorded stacks of albums over the years, but this is only the third one he has chosen to put into
release. He is a perfectionist. I wrote the liner notes. There's my disclaimer. If I didn't write the Liner Notes
this disc would be #1 so there.

18)Livin' In The Moment John Cate

19)Stacie Rose Shadow & Splendor

Reviewby Joe Viglione

Three years after her sparkling debut, This Is Mine, Stacie Rose brings an elaborate package to the table that is even more expressive, providing a glimpse of artistic evolution that is most inviting. Thirteen of the fourteen tracks were composed by the singer with the cover of U2's "New Year's Day" the sole outside essay, one now colored by Rose's own special stamp. Taking music that has been overplayed and breathing something new and different into it is never an easy task, the sentiment of "New Year's Day" finding a place alongside strong material like "Unbreakable", which, if covered by anyone in the women's music movement, has the potential to be an anthem. The baker's dozen plus one collection is chock full of hooks and Rose's clever take on life. This is a composer who, in any other time, would obliterate radio with her charm and fresh approach to pop. Along with the close to fifty minutes of music there is also a video of the very k.d. Lang-ish opening tune, "Consider Me", as well as a six minute multi-media track interview with the artist. Veteran Robert L. Smith, who produced, recorded and mixed This Is Mine in 2002, is back - this time co-producing with Stacie. Shadow & Splendor has the feel of a concept album, something different offered track to track while avoiding cliche and keeping the listener's interest. The music here is parallel toTracy Bonham's intricacies, of that world, but not necessarily in it. The mantra chorus of "Knew You" follows the effervescent Indian quasi-psychedelic "Guru", novel musical passages that display sharp creativity. It's a gift Stacie Rose utilizes to full effect. Where many other singer/songwriters also have the insight, sometimes they pull back or get lazy. She avoids the self-indulgence trap by exhibiting a solid work ethic throughout this recording. Everything is well thought out without losing the entertainment factor - think the seriousness of Steely Dan while keeping the pop sensibilities intact. An artful juggling act that takes another twist with CD closer "Back To Life", a lovely melody that recalls (or updates) "Girl From Ipanema" and the gentle Bachman Turner Overdrive near-hit, "Looking Out For #1". A strong effort overflowing with potential.



22)GAYS IN THE MILITARY (Gulcher Records)


Colin Blunstone & Rod Argent on a CD single.

25)Jimmy Webb "Twilight Of The Renegades


AIM Australia
This CD has 21 songs from the guy who wrote "Pain In My Heart" off
The Stones credited it to Neville


28)The Dick Cavett Show ROCK ICONS

29)THE HUMAN LEAGUE Filmed in Concert at the Dome, Brighton (MVD)


31)Kaleidoscope U.K.
"Let The World Wash In", "Medieval Masquerade" and "I Luv Wight"
This cool mini CD 45 on ARCHIVE RECORDS comes with the Japanese re-release.

32)Bobby Womack Soul Seduction Supreme

33)DEVO Double DVD

34)Mike Rivera Mended

35)Ken Selcer Breaking The Glass

36)Jimi Hendrix/Little Richard FRIENDS FROM THE BEGINNING
The good people at AKARMA in Italy put this together. Wonderful cover.
Jimi Hendrix ain't on it! There are four sides with Jimi & Richard, and a live
concert taped by Little Walter - THAT is the real Jimi/Richard album.
BUT this has Little Richard - so check it out!

37)Roscoe Shelton Sings

38)Roscoe Shelton Soul In His Music, Music In His Soul

39)Bobby Hebb's SUNNY

40)Genya Ravan's Urban Desire

41)Steven Mark Aloneaphobe

Gary Sohmers Roar's Back March 8 with Collectibles Show, To Jah Nature Ellis, Tom Hambridge New CD, Keith Richards Waiting for the Man, Sean Walshe American Son, Clive Davis with Anthony DeCurtis

Top 10 1)Gary Sohmers 2)Tom Hambridge 3)Nature Ellis  4)Keith Richards "Waiting for the Man" Lou Reed's Birthday 5)Sean Walshe...