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Burton Cummings LIVE in Boston, October 3, 2015 BERKLEE PERFORMANCE CENTER

Welcome to the Joe Vig Top 40 for November 2015

9:13 pm photo from third row, Berklee Performance Center

      Guess Who lead singer Burton Cummings gave a solo piano performance at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston on Saturday evening, October 3, 2015. The show opened with a seven minute and fifty-five second biography video of the journeyman that was as enlightening and exquisite as the show itself.  

    Just a small electric piano on the stage, a microphone and then the presence and voice that has entertained us for so many years.
     "The no frills lasers tonight, nothing exploding...just a sixty-seven year old guy with voice and piano."  He opened up with a song from the film 'Melanie' entitled "You Saved My Soul"
with his voice perfect and pure.  In the atmosphere of the famous musical college, with many musicians inspired by Cummings and his colleagues, the performance came off like an intimate songwriting clinic.

You Saved My Soul Live at City Winery NYC 7/1/14


    Truly there was "power in the music" of one singer marveling at the artists who have also played the venue - giving a nod to Keith Jarrett - Cummings declaring that artist "the greatest living pianist on the planet." 
second 9:21 pm photo, not in order of the songs, much later



   Second song, "Sour Suite," opened with the singer noting that he had received "a letter from a gal in Indianapolis" - so he mopped the zip code for the composition - "it's just like 46201."  A distinctly different flavor without the band.

November 30, 2011 - a solo rendition four years before the Boston show 11/30/11 at Northern Lights Theater, Milwaukee, WI 

first 9:24 pm photo


    Sans the backing band, Burton's personality emerges more prominently, of course. And for fans it is a charming concert in the living room-styled one on one. 

   Songs 3 and 4, the medley of "No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature and talk about unplugged. The material takes on a new "nature" of sorts, or a new personality without the pun, and the heavy studio production.  Check out the rendition a week after Berklee at the Virginia concert :  

the theater had superb lighting while Burton's left hand kept the bottom, his right going up and down the keyboard.


5) Albert Flasher  State Theater, Falls Church VA

6)Maggie Mae / Gordon Lightfoot impersonation

7)Mack the Knife

8)Stand Tall

9)Ferry Across The Mercy

Burton Cummings - "Ferry Cross the Mersey" Rams Head Tavern, Annapolis, 11 12 13


10)I'm Scared

11)Clap For the Wolfman

Dream of a Child

Burton Cummings Dream of a Child Newton Theater Newton, NJ 11 15 2013


Live at Berklee

Photo at 9:10 pm

No Time  10-10-15

Undun  10-10-15 Virginia

These Eyes October 10, 2015

Burton Cummings  THE MAGIC PIANO

I Will Always Wait for You  1979 

Burton Cummings Backstage with Joe Viglione, Berklee Performance Center October 3, 2015

Top 40 Disc #2


3)Ian Anderson on Visual Radio's Pop Explosion


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